March 21, 2014

Happy Friday!  All day Wednesday I thought it was Thursday... So the fact that it is actually Friday is good news!  Whew... what a week. Oh... and today is my daughter in laws birthday, Happy Birthday Lindsay!  Can't wait to see your face when you open your gift!!  
It has been a busy week in my world and I didn't even go on vacation for spring break.  My daughter in law had surgery on her leg again. Back in December she had a full knee replacement.  She was doing great recovering but unfortunately she fell two weeks ago and broke both the bones in her lower leg.  The doctors thought they could set the break without surgery but this week they places screws and plates in her leg.  I need this girl off crutches soon so she can go shopping with me! 
We found out someone at my grandson's school was bullying him.  I cannot tell you the heartache that is.  Trying to grasp what on earth would cause a child of such a young age to think being mean was acceptable behavior; let alone they attend an anti bully class at his school every week.  The parents of that child need to be held accountable for this action and the teacher who passed it off as "sometimes things happen" needs a little reality check in the form of unemployment!  Rant over!
Remember when I shared my list of 50 x Fifty here ? I have completed several items on the list so far and have a few more on the list lined up to complete! GO me!
The weather is slowly turning warmer, I say that as if 45 is a heat wave! haha!  Outfit pics as starting to take place again and I am so glad to get back at it! All of the scenery is brown and dull around the lake we use to take the pictures, but soon enough it will be in full bloom!

Easter is right around the corner and I can't wait to decorate my house with these eggs.  Find the entire DIY post here!
 With spring in full bloom the time to start shopping for new items to add to your closet is upon us. Don't forget to follow the guidelines I shared here on wardrobe building, and  if you missed  this post on splurge items I highly recommend you reading it before you shop!
I will be attending Go Blog Social again this year with my favorite blogger girlfriends and a few new friends I have met through out this year in two week! Cannot wait to hear everyone speak and learn a few new tricks! 

So what's new in your world?  Any big weekend plans?


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