Master Bedroom progress

March 11, 2014

As promised I have created a design board for my bedroom makeover.  First and for most let me just say that the bedding on the bed is only from the store image.  Ummm… no!  I do not have brown bedding.  Our bedding is all white with a waffle weave white blanket.  So far we have added this one piece of art we found at Z Gallerie, the Love print I had already purchased for the bedroom a mirror console and these crystal lamps.  We had round tables that work perfect as side table by the bed,  and now we have just one large wall to figure out what to do with.  I brought the pouf up from my office to go with my barrel chair still waiting to be reupholstered.    I am taking my time and being patient to find just the right element to add to the space. 

My mom is visiting this week and we will be making the pillows out of this fabric and I can't wait to get them on the bed.  I am down to a few final decisions and a rug is one of them.  I have a white shag rug in the room for now but would love to add a color to the room.  I am loving this one and this one.  

I mentioned yesterday I brought home wallpaper samples and I think I found what we like.  Can. Not. Wait. for it to all be done and show it to you! 

What do you think so far?

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  1. Mirrored goodies and pink! I'm in.
    My bedroom is a tiffany"ish" blue with cream and mirrored everything. Very serene.

    1. Thanks Susan. It is coming along. Tiffany blue was another option too, but we all know my love of pink!

  2. I think your bedroom design ideas are always unique and i think this time the idea of designing Master bedroom is also wonderful.If i will say this you are also master of this then it will not be wrong.


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