April 30, 2012
Happy Monday!  My weekend was exciting and relaxing all at the same time.  I attended an Indian bridal party Friday evening and enjoyed the traditions of their culture.  The brides hands and feet were tatooed with henna the night before this party which I thought was pretty cool.  I had seen bridal hands done before and liked them.  I think I actually would have tried this out, only because I know henna washes and faded in a few weeks.  Nothing permanent!  The colors and traditions of her wedding were very enjoyable along with the food.  

On Saturday the postman delivered  a sweet little treat from Oia Jules!  More to come on this later!!  I worked on a friendship bracelet, and painted!  Spring is here and the fresh fruit is really sweet.  I enjoy have a bowl of cut up fruit around during this time of the year as a great snack!  Not to mention its great to whip up a fresh batch of sangria if you have the fruit already cut up!  These pics were captured over the course of the weekend with Instagram.  Follow me on Instagram at Lmurie64.  How was your weekend?  Anything exciting happen in your world?

All photos by Lisa

Christopher Elbow

April 27, 2012
 Featuring Christopher Elbow.  I would say chocolates however he makes a mean Ice Cream as well.  If you are fortunate enough to live in Kansas City, or San Francisco you  must stop by and try his chocolates or else you will just have to order from his website.  He offers individual pieces of chocolate on Fridays at a discount in KC celebrating the tradition of First Fridays in the crossroads.   His creations are art. His chocolates are smooth, rich, and creamy.  With flavors such as Butterscotch Bourbin, Strawberry Balsamic, Citric Tea, And Caramel with Fleur de sil.  Delish.

Christopher Elbow landed his first cooking job at the Lincoln Country Club in 1992, while attending the University of Nebraska. After graduating in '96 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Restaurant and Business Administration, he returned to Kansas City to head up Shiraz Restaurant.
Three years later Christopher landed in Las Vegas to help celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse open Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian. Shortly after that he moved to Paris – as in the Paris Resort and Casino – to help acclaimed chef Jean Joho open the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.
Christopher returned to Kansas City the following year and briefly resumed his role at Shiraz before accepting the pastry chef position at the American Restaurant. It was here that he began perfecting his chocolate-making skills. Before long, he was offering limited quantities of his new creations to local markets. Demand swelled, and to satisfy it Christopher started his own company.
Today, Christopher's Artisan Chocolates have been featured across the nation, from magazines like OprahFood & WineFine Cooking and InStyle to syndicated TV programs like Food Network's What Hot, What's Cool. His confectionery creations are available online and at discriminating retailers like CocoaBella Chocolates in San Francisco, Biagio Fine Chocolates in Washington D.C. and Trotters To Go In Chicago.

They are almost too pretty to eat. I did say almost however!

You will always find a bar of this chocolate in my desk.  My favorite!

But wait,  He have you tried Glace??  WOW.  Fleur de sil is the bomb!!

Images and artist photo courtesy of Christopher Elbow
All photos by Lisa

Polka Dot Power

April 26, 2012

Nordstrom has some wonderful spots going on! I can never get tired of polka dots.  they have the ability to liven up any outfit.  Are you a spot dot wearer?

Mothers Day 2012

April 24, 2012
Mother's Day is closely approaching and now is the time to make sure you put thought into showing your appreciation for all she does.  Here are a few treasures sure to please your mother.  Who doesn't love pale pink and agate? and when you put them together?  Gorgeous!   These bookends would go so well in my new office space.

A girl can never have too many choices! What a great chunky bracelet to add to your arm party! 

And these?  Just look at them.  enough said!

What a great throwback to landline phones.   I will have the pink one please!  

I enjoy unique ways to display your items.  These easel glass frames are pretty cool!  All those art projects and drawings your little picasso's bring home from school can be displayed with pride!


I just love succulents.  The yellow is a perfect pop of color.  Place a few varieties in the different sides and she has a mini garden for her desk or credenza.

And don't forget the mother-in-laws too!!

DIY Heart Art

April 23, 2012
I recently cruised thru the paint chips at Home Depot only to be inspired by the gradient colors all lined up nicely. I picked up several sample cards and with an idea.  I purchase a 12x12 wrapped canvas at the art store and painted it white with a slight undertone of pink.  You cannot really tell there is any pink in the background at all but I didn't want stark white.
I punched out hearts in several shades of pink and lined them up in rows.  I originally thought of just rows of gradient colors but liked the idea of working with hearts. 

I decided after punching several colors out I should write down the names I chose in the off chance I would need to either know this or duplicate the process for someone!  This would be cute in a nursery.  I think I may be making a blue one for someone soon!!

There were so many shades of pink it was difficult to choose.  

I played around with my colors to get them to line up the way I wanted and did a few sample layouts. Once I was pleased with the ombre' effect I placed one of these doo dads on the back of each heart to give it dimension.  

Love it!

Right now I have mine sitting in an easel on the corner of my desk!  SO cute!  Have you made anything with paint chips?
All photos by Lisa


April 20, 2012

I am thrilled to showcase this first featured artist or in this case multiple artists.  GLASSYBABY is a giveback company.  Have you heard of them?  They are out of Seattle.  Their mission and story is touching.  I love candles, Who doesn't?  I love the vessels you burn them from, the beauty that they provide, and the scent that can transform you into an easy mood.  A bit romantic!   So it was fitting that Glassybaby be one of my featured artists.   This is a wonderful glimpse into the process of how you receive your Glassybaby piece of art.

This is dear to my heart.  Last year cancer struck my family In a close and personal way.  My oldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I will spare you all the details but as a woman we all know the fear that follows a diagnosis such as that.   She is well and thriving thanks to early detection and a double mastectomy.  Please read their story and watch this video.   I know it will touch you as it has touched me.  I love my Glassybaby and will continue to grow my collection of beautiful votives in an assortment of colors! 

glassybaby is a story about a product made in the USA and a three time cancer survivor with a mission to give back to other cancer patients:

  • Lee was fighting her third battle with cancer and raising three small children in 1998 when she first dropped a tea light into a handmade, colorful, glass cup.  Lee found great hope and healing in the soothing light and found the peace and calm she needed to heal.  She wanted to spread that love.  She began hiring artists to make more colorful, glass votives.  glassybaby was born.

  • From the beginning, glassybaby donated money from sales to charities helping cancer patients.  Lee remembers meeting people in waiting rooms who could not afford basic day to day costs like bus fare and groceries during treatment.  Lee wanted to help because health insurance does not help with many of the costs needed to heal.  glassybaby has donated more than $875,000. from sales to charities dedicated to healing and helping patients with those costs during chemotherapy.  

  • The company's goal is to eventually give away 10% of all sales to charities.  glassybaby stands out because we donate a percentage of revenue, not profits, to charities.

  • glassybaby are made by Seattle artists in 400+ colors with names like hope, joy, frog hunting, wet dog, grandma jane's caramel and happiness.  70+ artists work seven days a week at our Seattle studio.  It takes four artists to make just one glassybaby.  The company just added two new ovens and more artists to keep up with the demand.
  • glassybaby sales were up 40% last year.  The more glassybaby we sell, the more we give away to charity.  Everybody told Lee her company would not succeed.  They said a company with a handmade product and giving back money to charities would fail.  Sales are expected to reach $8 million dollars in 2012.
  • Jeff Bezos was so impressed by the brand and product he pursued the owner to buy part of the company.  He now owns 20% of glassybaby.
  • The glassybaby founder was recently named Entrepreneur of 2011 by Entrepreneur magazine.  She is the first woman to receive the honor. 
  • Whether it is the happiness of a wedding or the sadness of a friend's sickness, glassybaby are a way of saying things that words cannot say.

Are these not the most vibrant and amazing colors?  I love so many of them.  Can you imagine a patio gathering and the table all aglow with different glassybabys?  And they make drinking vessels as well!!  Count me in!

Top photos by Lisa
All other images courtesy Glassybaby

I don't own a boat...... but I still can own boat shoes

April 19, 2012
I had a pair of pink top-siders in high school.  Loved them.  Wore them until they appeared peach.   I want a pair of these silver sequin topsiders!  The BF isn't as fond of them as I am.  But I see these sparkles in my future!  The leopard are pretty cute too!  Do you have a favorite pair? 

All images courtesy of Sperry

Office Inspiration

April 18, 2012
My new desk is scheduled for delivery tomorrow and I am excited to begin decorating the office.  There are a lot of decisions to be made regarding the decor of the room.  Here are some beautiful inspirations to draw from.  

The beautiful Monika Hibbs at The Doctors Closet has a wonderful office.  Don't you just love the floating shelves?

  Ikea glass top saw horse desk.  Love the room divider as visual texture.

This office space is so bright and cheerful. Bamboo blinds allow for great natural light.

Putting the Ikea shelving to good use.  

 Danielle from Breakfast at Toast utilizes the Parsons desk from West Elm perfectly for her space. 

Alaina Kaczmarski from Live Creating Yourself has the same parsons desk, but with a rich dark accent wall.  Love the placement of the art to draw the eye upwards.  

Lonny Magazine shows Great color for an accent wall and use of texture through out the design.  

Love the unclutered and clean lines with the sawhorse desk.  

Canadian designer Meredith Heron has a too die for office... one word WOW!

And of course a little bit of pink for the office is in order!

All images courtesy of Decor Pad
Meredith Heron image courtesy TheDecorista

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