Christopher Elbow

April 27, 2012

 Featuring Christopher Elbow.  I would say chocolates however he makes a mean Ice Cream as well.  If you are fortunate enough to live in Kansas City, or San Francisco you  must stop by and try his chocolates or else you will just have to order from his website.  He offers individual pieces of chocolate on Fridays at a discount in KC celebrating the tradition of First Fridays in the crossroads.   His creations are art. His chocolates are smooth, rich, and creamy.  With flavors such as Butterscotch Bourbin, Strawberry Balsamic, Citric Tea, And Caramel with Fleur de sil.  Delish.

Christopher Elbow landed his first cooking job at the Lincoln Country Club in 1992, while attending the University of Nebraska. After graduating in '96 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Restaurant and Business Administration, he returned to Kansas City to head up Shiraz Restaurant.
Three years later Christopher landed in Las Vegas to help celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse open Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian. Shortly after that he moved to Paris – as in the Paris Resort and Casino – to help acclaimed chef Jean Joho open the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.
Christopher returned to Kansas City the following year and briefly resumed his role at Shiraz before accepting the pastry chef position at the American Restaurant. It was here that he began perfecting his chocolate-making skills. Before long, he was offering limited quantities of his new creations to local markets. Demand swelled, and to satisfy it Christopher started his own company.
Today, Christopher's Artisan Chocolates have been featured across the nation, from magazines like OprahFood & WineFine Cooking and InStyle to syndicated TV programs like Food Network's What Hot, What's Cool. His confectionery creations are available online and at discriminating retailers like CocoaBella Chocolates in San Francisco, Biagio Fine Chocolates in Washington D.C. and Trotters To Go In Chicago.

They are almost too pretty to eat. I did say almost however!

You will always find a bar of this chocolate in my desk.  My favorite!

But wait,  He have you tried Glace??  WOW.  Fleur de sil is the bomb!!

Images and artist photo courtesy of Christopher Elbow
All photos by Lisa

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