April 09, 2012

 As the boys in my life become men and their taste and needs change it makes me stop and reflect on life.  No one was up early to see what the Easter Bunny brought, or even if he came for that matter. They knew he would come as he has every year, and in the same baskets since they were born. There were no pastel outfits, or even a family pic taken.  There was however alot of love in my house. Traditions that were set in motion over 24 years ago with my oldest son.  Traditions they have grown to expect and hopefully carry on.   It was nice having two of the boys around all day, getting along, and just being in my space.   But as they all grow up, and start to move away, it makes me feel a little vintage.  Old as it were, but still classy!  However old they become they will always be my little boys!  Hope your weekend was grand and full of love!  Mine was!

Photo by Lisa

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  1. What a great post for moms of small kiddos :)

    1. Thanks. They grow up so fast. It really makes you stop and take notice on holidays.


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