Quilted Leather

October 31, 2013
What what you say? Leather leggings with quilted panels down the legs?  Yeah, get excited for these peeps! Another Target score, these comfy bad boys are fabulous! Of course its vegan leather! I am loving how Target is hitting it on all marks lately.  I knew when I laid eyes on these leggings, that my booties I scored from Nordstrom last season were the right shoes! This Hale Bob top is one of my all time favorite summer tanks.  Probably because it so pink and bright ya think!? Looks great with a tan! Anywho, this is one of those outfits you put on and just feel good!    

Leggings Target ~ Tank Hale Bob ~ Jean Jacket Harolds ~ Bag Angela Roi 
(won) ~ Booties Vince Camuto ~  bracelets, Leather wrap Rustic Cuff c/o, Pink stone Oia Jules ~

What are some of your great finds, and new fall addition's to your wardrobe this season?

Four Favorites / Black & White

October 29, 2013

I am beyond thrilled to be co hosting this weeks Four Favorites with Ashlyn and Kristin.  I have linked up with these girls sharing my four favorites from the beginning, only missing when I have been sick or on vacation this year! When they announced they would be offering co hosting spots I jumped at the chance. I really hope you join the link up this week with your faves, not to mention there is a pretty stinking cute giveaway for everyone that links up too!! So go on, link up, meet a few new blogs, and let me know what your four favorites are! 

 Now these just aren't a couple of girls that I read their blogs and like. They are bloggers that have become friends.  Not in real life (yet), but in skypes and text!! II can't say enough how I am blessed to have met, and made so many wonderful people thru my blog.  But lets talk about my favorites for the week shall we?

I have always loved black and white. Together it is so crisp and to the point.  This ever so sexy Schutz Shoes are begging to be worn with a pair of skinny jeans and a handsome man on your arm!  I happen to have both! A night out with your guy wouldn't be complete without the right clutch.  You know by now I am a huge Blair Ritchey supporter, and love all her designs.  This Lulu Foldover  just has to get in my closet soon!  I lust over it all the time! 

Ok, so I know I have said before snail mail is the way to go.  No really.  I love opening the mail box to an envelope with pretty handwriting on the front, then to find a sweet note inside.  I alway turn it over to see where the stationary is from too.  I think a few snail mail notes to your bestie is a must! This personalized Stationary is a great way to jot a quick note, add a few pictures, and send off to keep in touch.  I really love tangible pictures rather a few computer snaps emailed my way.  I want something I can frame! That's probably why I love stationary too.  It's the thoughtfulness in the writing that makes the biggest impression!

The weather has just started to dip low into the nights here in Kansas and that had me thinking cozy, snugly, and warm with by the fire.  I can so see me in these  Pajamas.  I don't like to sleep in long pj pants, rather shorty's, but these would perfect to lounge in for sure!! If you're gonna lounge, do it in style!!


The Four Favorites link-up is held on Wednesdays and there aren't any rules, but we would really appreciate it if you followed both Ashlyn + Kristin, as well as me and also share the button on your Four Favorites post!
Have fun with it + spread the word!

The LBD & Leather

October 29, 2013

The Little black dress.  A must have staple in every girls closet, and this Karen Kane number has a sassy little faux leather detail going on!

You can never go wrong with a little black dress and this seasons hottest trend of leather is everywhere including my closet!  Faux, or vegan, which ever you prefer to call it doesn't matter, it still has the same wow factor!  Karen Kane has some wonderful vegan leather options for this season and this LBD dressed up with a little hounds tooth is making a statement! I have several holiday functions and parties to attend soon,  and the many different varieties to change up this sheath will make it so versatile.  Switching out the jacket with a cardigan, layering it with a crisp blouse, leggings and boots!  So many possibilities, oh, and its on MAJOR sale right now!! Go grab yourself one!!

Dress Karen Kane c/o ~ Jacket WHBM (old) ~ Shoes Nine West ~ Clutch K Slademade ~ Sunnies Chanel

Velvet Acorns DIY

October 28, 2013


This post is going to be photo heavy, but I wanted to share step by step instructions on creating these darling little velvet acorns for your fall decorations!  I first saw these last year and though what a darling little idea.  Something to decorate for fall in addition to pumpkins.  I love pumpkins.  But these are cute!  Super cute. And believe it or not , not overly hard to make.  I would rate these as a skill level of medium.  Only because there are so many steps, but they are truly worth making!


Start by gathering acorn caps of various sizes.  I went to a park and walked around to find different varieties of oak trees. You can actually order acorns and caps on Etsy!  I guess I never really paid that much attention to the caps of acorn trees, but there is a big difference! 

I went to Joann's to select velvet for my acorns to find A) its expensive, B) there was not a large selection of colors available  and C) velveteen works just as well.  So buy velveteen. 

The cast of characters for this performance are as follows:
  • Velveteen 
  • A glue gun
  • Toothpicks
  • sharpie
  • a 2' circle ( I used a ring from a set of fondant cutters)
  • scissors
  • cotton balls
  • needle and thread
  • obviously acorn caps
  • snippers

Trace around your ring on the back side of your fabric.  Once you have all your circles drawn, cut them out.  If you have a few smaller acorn caps, you might want to cut inside of the circle to make it slightly smaller. 

Next, whip stitch around the edge of your cut circles.  No knot is necessary as you will knot the ends when you draw the thread tight. Be sure to leave enough tail to pull the ends together. 

Go ahead and cut off both the sharp ends on the toothpicks so they will be ready for this step.  I  suggest cutting them outside and make sure to be careful for flying ends. 

I like to do all of one stage at a time, rather than build one acorn at a time, but you make your little nuts any way you like! 

Now, depending on the size of your cotton balls, you will want to pull some of the cotton off to make the "ball" slightly smaller.  You will have to just gage this by sight.  You want the cotton to be semi firm, but squishy at the same time once inside your acorn.  Take a toothpick and wrap the cotton around the pick then draw the ends of your thread together carefully pushing the cotton inside the stitch line.  Tie the two ends of your thread together creating a velvet ball with the end of your toothpick sticking out the top. 

Now this is where you size up your acorn caps to your velvet acorns.  You want the top of the toothpick that is sticking out of the velvet to gently push against the top of the cap to create the little point at the tip of your acorn. You may have to trim the toothpick a little once you have sized the caps up. 

Once they are all ready to glue, fill the acorn cap with enough glue to set and hold the fabric.  Careful not to get any glue on your finger tips working with such small items. 

And voile! 


Aren't they darling? I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did. 

LA Plates

October 25, 2013

Whether your a block, script, or single letter kind of girl or guy,  a monogram is a perfect accessory!  I had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying an afternoon visit with LA Plates recently.  A local gal, Lara Shelton is the brains and designer behind LA Plates.  I was like a kid in a candy store with so many selections of monograms.  As you can see, My monogram salad plates make the win right down the middle of the game.  Coordinating with several dinner plates, I style them to show you just how versatile her designs can be. Mix and match them to add color and style to your table!

A fall table is perfect with either of these combinations. 

And who doesn't need a set of these in their home for the holidays? Hmmmm??

So here is your chance to spice up your table this season!  Add your monogram to your table by entering to win a set of 4 monogrammed salad plates.  Chose between any of the styles or designs at LA Plates.  Monogrammed plates not your style?  Then maybe these naughty and nice salad plates would be the perfect addition to your holiday gathering!  You get to chose!! 

So to enter first visit La Plates and shop around.  click on all the tabs and see everything she has to offer.  Then, pin your favorite plate or design and be sure to mention the giveaway here in your pin.   Next, leave me a comment with your favorite design and  pin link and your in!!!  This is a mandatory step, so be sure to complete this first!  Simply huh? Who doesn't love pinning!!   For extra entries follow the instructions in the rafflecopter form below with all the extra ways to win!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Four Favorites / Random

October 23, 2013

Sweater    Tote    Bangles     Illume Candle

Happy Wednesday!  This weeks favorites are a few random faves and they all say hello fall!!  I may or may not have already added this Joie leopard sweater to my line up this fall,and I reaaaaaalllly do want this Samantha Wills skull bangle!!! 

 I have been missing a good black bag to rotate with my outfits and this Henri Bendel is a great size and versatile with both handles, and a shoulder strap.  This is always my  favorite time of the year for candles and a great pumpkin scent from Illume to bring your senses right into fall is a must!  I wish burning a pumpkin candle year round was acceptable! 

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Pinstripes and Floral pants

October 22, 2013
Last week after my visit to the nail salon, I decided to just browse thru really quick the Goodwill store since it was just across the parking lot.  It is a really good location with fabulous finds, fabulous that is if you're willing to just browse without a goal!  That is generally the best way to thrift I think!  I was on my way out the door with nothing in hand and the sales clerk had just rolled a rack of mens shirts out.  I scanned it quickly with my eyes for any paisley shirts for one of my sons, and this little pinstripe number caught my eye!  It was crisp, clean, and small. The best part was it was only 3.99!  I had plenty in mind for this number and promptly bought it!

Pants Ann Taylor (on sale) ~ Shirt Thrifted ~ Bag Vintage Gucci ~ Cuff Rustic Cuff c/o ~ Blue bracelet Mes2Petitie Etoiles c/o ~ Sunnies Ray Ban ~ Necklace Alexandra Beth c/o 

Have you scored a great bargain lately?  Sometimes the hunt is the fun of it!  I have browsed Marshalls lately and to me it seems boring. Target is nailing it this year.  I have found tons of great affordable items to add to my closet and that allows me room to  splurge on some of the more staple items in my wardrobe and shoes.  I love shoes!! 

My Weekend

October 20, 2013
And just like that....... Monday is here again!  I was sick all last week and it took a toll on me. I was only able to stay home and try to get better one day.  Blogging was a bit sparse too, sorry!  I am still trying to recover. My voice went from raspy, to full on man voice, then nothing, and now I have a soft whisper!  Yea me!  If you know me, then you know that a soft voice and me are rare! Whats funny is when I talk to someone, they feel the urge to whisper back to me!  My hearing didn't go, just my voice!!! 

 I spent the weekend resting, coughing, only running essential errands, coughing some more, and a little cooking.  I can't say I am back to my usual self, and I am still very tired, but I have a big week ahead and I need my A game!  I did however make a pumpkin spiced latte at home and it was fabulous.  It was simple and you should have all the ingredients in your kitchen.  

1/8 tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp pumpkin pie spice
2 Tsps maple syrup
a pinch of cinnamon 
3 oz frothed milk

I mixed everything in my cup before adding the expresso and milk.  It was delicious.   Not sugary sweet and every bit as good if not actually better than Starbucks!  Better because I didn't have to leave my house, and could enjoy two without the guilt of dropping 8 bucks on a caffeine fix!

I am spending tomorrow at The Nationals Golf Club for a charity tournament and  if you follow me on instagram you will see all the fun of my day! I will be back Tuesday  with a fun outfit I wore last week, and Wednesday is four favorites!   Hey, I almost forgot to ask, How was your weekend?  Anything fun happen?

Karen Kane Snake Pants

October 17, 2013
I wore this outfit last week to meet Rebecca Minkoff I shared here.  I was excited to bust these Karen Kane snakeskin pants and top out for the right occasion.  I have toyed with the idea of wearing them to the office, but I'm not. quite. there.  Where they are not denim, they are so fabulous.  A soft cotton, with just the right amount of give, I could wear these all day.  My top, also Karen Kane, is a wrap front.  It's actually a heavy weight jersey which will be perfect for the fall.  

 Pants Karen Kane c/o (On Sale) ~  Top Karen Kane c/o ~  Cuff Rustic Cuff c/o ~ Leather wrap Kslademade ~ Shoes old ~ Bag LV ~ 

Even thought it is fall, this particular day turned out to be warmer than expected, and we found ourselves melting on the sidewalk.  Ha, the joys of fashion blogging, and Kansas weather.  I can't wait to wear these pants again!  You should expect to see them again soon!  

Rebecca Minkoff

October 14, 2013
And just like that, we were old college roommates! 

Last Thursday Rebecca Minkoff was in town for a meet and great at a local store Halls. I have mentioned the store before  here   I met up with a few of my girlfriends on the plaza for a little photo session before the event.  We always try to take advantage of a get together to take outfit picks for one another!  The store was bustling with shoppers and a few local designers. We headed to the mens department first to check out some of the menswear. Well that and the fact that one of the girls has a thing for soccer players, and there were several downstairs!  Haha!  We met designer Aurelien Collin.  Friendly, and a bit shy, he has some very cool pieces that I think are unisex. 

 It was also the opening night for Kansas City Fashion Week and several people were heading straight over to the show after this event. 

There was a bar set up with cocktails especially named for Rebecca, a DJ, and trays of hors d'oeurves being served. A few of the girls enjoyed mocktails as well! 

I, of course, had to make a stop by the Jo Malone counter for a sample of the new fragrances.  I love the new fragrance Elderflower and Goseberry.

There was a line to meet Rebecca, and the store was a little hot, but we didn't care. 

Meg, Me, Rebecca, Erin, Sandy and Carrie

She was darling.  Slender, oh my god was she ever slender.  Her legs were the size of my bicep, and I use the word bicep loosely here,  if that tells you  anything! Standing next to her made me feel large! But she is pretty.  Flawless completion and a sweet personality, she made each and every lady feel like they were the only one she was there to visit with.  A genuine appreciation for her fans, that is a big score for me!

We were privileged to view her fall line and shop and there were several items I would love to add to my closet. Lets just say a certain jacket, and shoes!

I am sure it is nothing to meet designers if you live on either coast, but in the Midwest, its not a usual sighting! Thanks Rebecca Minkoff for visiting Kansas City.  Have you met any designers, and who?  Did it change what you thought of their designs?

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