Camo & Pinstripes

October 01, 2013

Blouse Kohl's (no longer available)~ Camo pants Target ~ Bag Brahmin(similar) ~ Shoes Talbots (Similar) ~ Tassel bracelet Cathryn Ann Designs c/o ~ Bangles Claudia Rowe c/o ~ Sunnies Ray Ban

This outfit is clearly not out of my comfort zone.  I love everything about it.  The blouse was a great find at Kohl's.  The rhinestone collar, and the covered button placket are just great little details!  I know you have seen it around, either the actual sleeveless version from J Crew, or this version.  I paired it with my flip camo jeans from none other than the great Target from last year, and then shopped my closet for my Brahmin bag, and a sassy pair of pumps!  These actually are not leopard, but Ocelot!  I love them,  but Joe hates them! He generally does not chime in on my outfits, unless of course, they are way off base!  He did raise an eyebrow to this one!!  Haha!  I guess he is not a big fan of so many patterns and textures going on!  My tassel bracelet courtesy of Cathryn Ann Designs along with my Claudia Rowe bangles I think brought it all together nicely.  

This was another weekend outfit.  You know the office where I work would never allow these pants!  Sometimes I wish I worked in retail, or maybe in a design or marketing firm again.  They have way cooler dress codes!  I did at least wear these camo pants for a work event that was not at the office and felt like a rebel!!  I think Im getting too old to be a big rebel, so I try to keep things to a minimum.  Lets not get all crazy here!  I do however still push the envelope when something needs to be said!  I can keep the straightest face, and the most genuine delivery in a setting and push someones buttons.  Then all the girls in the meeting will look away for fear of laughing.   What can I say? I am a smart a$$! I like to refer to it as being honest! 

I have been trying to stay up on reading all my favorite blogs but have gotten just a tad behind.  I am trying to step back from this ever so hectic life I have going on right now and focus back on a little me time.  Do you ever just feel like things are way out of balance?  I know I do.  Oh, and if you didn't know it, I appreciate all of you, and thank you for following along on my little slice of the world.  I have made some truly wonderful friends from my blog, and love everyday meeting, and connecting with someone new to my world! 

 My sister in law texted me this little diddy last night and I wanted to share it with you.  It is so true. 

"Three years from now our lives will look completely different.  Get a vision in your head and move towards it.  Only envision the things that you have control of."

So, where do you want to be in three years?  I know I am ready for a change!  Oh, And Happy October! Here's to Oktoberfest, leaves falling, pumpkin spice lattes, chunky sweaters, and smores! 

Have you entered to win a leather datebook for next year yet?  We all know next year will be here soon enough, you may ENTER HERE!! 

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  1. I have to try this look. I never paired stripes and camo together!

    1. You should. I can't wait to see how you pair it together.

  2. Love this look!
    And what your sis said...I just read a blog post about manifesting your dreams by what you think. So timely!


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