Four Favorites

July 30, 2013

    Sunnies     Case     Sandals     Dress 

Happy Wednesday!  I really have missed sharing my four favorites last week on my stay-cation, and this weeks faves are fabulous.

I really love the Ray Ban colored lens aviators and these blue and pink are my favorites.   I would love both of these colors, but that would be a little ridiculous having three pairs!

I have been on the look out for a new phone case for sometime now.  Society6 has such a wide selection it is hard to narrow it down to just one favorite.  The pink peonies definitely caught my eye!

Love these shoes.  No really love them!  Get in my closet!

Have you heard of Tart Collection?  You really should check them out.  I love this crochet dress and how versatile it is.  Dress it up for dinner out with my guy, or a fun evening with the girls.  The teal is a great color too! 

Linking up with the girls today so be sure to check out their favorite too! 

Radio Silence

July 30, 2013
Hi lovelies!  Sorry for the radio silence last week.  I completely unplugged from social media.  I really didn't intend to, but it just happened that way and it felt pretty good actually!  I have accumulated a lot of vacation time and needed to start taking some time off or I was going to end up late in the year with more time than I could possibly cram into the end of the year.  So instead of buying a ticket, renting a car and booking a hotel, I took a stay-cation!!

I never once logged onto my computer, read a blog, tweeted, and very little instagraming!  It was a nice switch up from my normal routine.  We treated each day like we really did go somewhere.  We ate out everyday, lounged in the pool with cocktails in the afternoon, and even completed a few redecorating projects!  When you have a 12 foot ladder in the house, you take advantage of it and replace all the smoke detector batteries, replace soffit lights, and clean fan blades. 

Day one breakfast, Coffee and bagels! 

Cannot wait to share this room reveal.  My guest room went from dark and drab, to fresh and bright! 

What would a vacation be without a little pool time! 

Shopping for some of my favorite things! 

Dinner out with my guy wearing my new bracelet! 

You had to know there was sushi and sangria involved in my week too!

So it's good to be back, I have so many blogs to catch up on, and things to share.  I have been working on a few great collaborations, and you will not want to miss these for sure!! What's been going on in your word?  Oh did I mention my birthday is this Saturday? Yup, sure is! 

Samantha Wills

July 19, 2013

In my quest to find lovely pieces of jewelry, I stumbled upon Samantha Wills and I am so glad I did.  Her styles are elegant, yet edgy, with a sparkle and sometimes a boho feel.  I love her designs and would love to add several of her pieces to my wardrobe.  

An Australian native from the East coast beaches of Port Macquarie, Samantha Wills moved to Sydney in 2004.  That was the year she unveiled her debut collection at Australian Fashion week.  No surprise she received rave reviews.    Handcrafting her pieces for friends and family, Samantha with a keen eye for design is entirely self taught.  That my friends is a true talent!  A lover of travels, many of her designs are named after her favorite place and adventures.  Samantha will rarely leave her New York City home with out her camera as the bustling city is a constant source of inspiration. 

Samantha's down to earth nature is shared with her followers, fans, and friends alike on her social medias as she shares a personal glimpse of her life, and stories honestly and openly.  You really should follow her on instagram!  I love scrolling thru my feed and coming across an exquisite piece of her collection.  

So I gathered my favorites items, and shared them here with you, but there are so many lovely items in her entire collection.  If wish list were real, this would be my order! 

Beachy waves

July 18, 2013
Another day by the lake, and this time its not the outfit as much as the curls I am sharing!  I have a 2 inch gold barrel curling iron that I used to create these soft beachy waves.  It's such a fun change, and I can get at least two days out of the curls before I need to touch them up!  Bonus for thick hair!! I generally only wash my hair every third or fourth day for several reason.  A) It's really good for your hair to replenish itself before you strip it again washing it, B) I don't like to add extra heat to my hair with the flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer any more than necessary, and C) I am lucky to have hair that does not go flat, oily, or shiny in under three days!! 

These are day two curls!  Well, waves actually!  I would curl my hair everyday if the heat wasn't so bad for your hair.  So are you a curly girl, or a flat iron all the way?  My bestie is so funny about curls, she wouldn't wear curls in her hair if her life depended on it, but is amazed when I get so many compliments on mine! I have natural body in my hair....a lot! So on days I don't want to mess with it at all, it is left to air dry with a little scrunch and that's it! 

 The only problem to that is, you can't brush your hair unless you want big Texas hair!  Sorry Texas girls, but they don't say big Oklahoma hair do they!??  That definitely is a two day hair process, I add a little water for day two, scrunch again and lightly, I mean lightly finger thru it to separate the curls without adding body!   but at least no heat involved! 

Tee Target ~ Pants Nordstrom ~ Sandals Ann Taylor last season but these are cute ~ Sunnies Chanel ~ Bracelet Target old ~

I asked Jenni to take less of the lake and background, and more of me in out next outfit pics! Maybe I won't seem so far away!  I appreciate my girls for putting up with me, taking my pics, and just being there for the fun!  Thanks Gabi and Jenni, you girls are truly awesome friends! 

Four Faves // Randomness

July 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday lovelies!  I am so glad to be back after missing last weeks four favorites.  When I read that this week was random, I knew what had to be on my four faves!   Now before you even think that I couldn't possibly be needing a new bangle, you're so mistaken.  I cannot believe I don't own a skinny gold bangle.  I won a gift card from C Wonder a while back, and to be honest I am the worlds worst at spending my gift cards.  I have mentioned before how I can save them until just the right moment comes along, but the amount of time I have had this is a bit ridiculous.   So, That is where this too cute arrow bangle is currently in my shopping cart at C. Wonder!  It will be mine!  And I might add, spending the gift card is keeping within my spending freeze. Well, more like a spending cold!  Ha ha! 

OK, I am going to be honest here. These slippers will be mine.  I love a slipper, and a suede slipper all the better.  When I first saw these I was completely smitten, and fell in love.  I mean really love these!  I would rock these until they fall apart.  Joe on the other hand, is not so sold on them.  He actually thought I was kidding when I showed them to him.  The bones stitched on the tops in silver, and the black suede, yes!! What's not to love!?  I see these bad boys in my future and ohhh will I be styling them for you!! 

So this brings us to favorite number 3!! A cuff is no ordinary cuff when it is hand made, and that is exactly how this designer creates all her pieces.  I love the raised stones and the uniqueness with it, and in sterling!  Love love this cuff! 

I couldn't let a random four favorites pass with out adding a tote that caught my eye either.  This Gigi New York shoppers tote is the perfect size, and I love the white pop off of the tan.  It is available in a mint green, and a fuchsia, but the white is what really has my attention.  I do think this would be a perfect tote that could easily transition from day to happy hour with no problem!  

So, tell me, which of my four favorites is your favorite this week?  Don't forget Ashlyn and Kristin and their favorites! 

I am also linking up with Shanna for random Wednesday! 

Blondes and Green

July 16, 2013

Blouse  Won off The Pioneer Woman  ~ Pants  Nordstrom ~ Sandals Ann Taylor (last season) ~ Love Bangle Claudia Rowe c/o ~ Bangles Alexandria Beth ~ Watch Michele ~ Clutch Blair Ritchey ~ Sunnies RayBan 

Oh the fun we have while shooting outfit pics!  Gabi seriously thinks I should share all the outtakes.  There are some pretty funny ones almost every time of me acting goofy!  If someone were to sit and watch as we take these pics, they would for sure be laughing at us! 

I didn't straighten or curl my hair today.  This is natural body and curl! I was feeling a little boho in my blouse from the PW!  Remember when I posted about winning it here?  Yup, I still love it!  Between the tye dye, and the shades of green, it's got to be one of my favorites right now! 

The weather has not been too terribly hot which is surprising for this time of the year.  I keep waiting for it to hit, but for now I will take cooler mornings and mildish days.  I say mild like 90 is nothing, but hey at least it's not 100! 

I actually love this shot!  Something about the angle! It kinda reminds me of a creepy movie, ya know the kind on a deserted gravel road!  We will call this my Alfred Hitchcock moment! 

Life Lately

July 15, 2013
Life lately has been super stressed but this past weekend I was able to really take a step back and relax.  The BF, who by now I think you should know really has a name.  Meet Joe, the BF.  He really went the extra mile to help make this past weekend a fun, stress free zone.  It's funny how life can tumble full speed ahead and take you with it.  I plan on taking some much needed vacation time from the office as well soon.  I am hoping to get my groove back this week, and I have so many things to share with you here and some fabulous collaborations to come! 

Last week when we were in Tulsa, we watched a video called Forks over Knives.  It was pretty compelling the information that the had gathered and shared in this movie.  I don't think everyone would agree with it, but life is about choices and differences of opinions.  After watching the movie, we whole heartily agreed that we needed to adopt a few changes in our habits, and I can gladly share that although we have not taken every single step to eat a plant based diet, we have take great strides and continue to thoughtfully think about or choices.  I can with tell you that I have lost 6 pounds in the past two and a half weeks by making a few modifications, and will continue to make these choices.  I think if you have a minute, you should watch it and see if it fits your lifestyle.  I think some people simple could not wrap their minds around this type of eating and that OK! For the record here, Sushi has not been eliminated from my diet! 

We did some shopping and I picked up this cleanse. I'll let you know how I like it!  Spent Saturday at the pool with a few yummy cocktails.  Decided it was time for a change on the toes... Bikini so teeny!  Clearly that would only be appropriate on my toes!!  and an afternoon date with my honey to catch a movie! 

 The downside to the whole weekend was our attempt to change the inside mechanism to our toilet.  We are not plumbers and proved it by the every so constant drip from one of the back bolts of the tank.  Two installations later, two fill and drain of the tank, and finally a turn of the water off and Joe back at the plumbing store  today to hopefully fix it.  The good thing is that we work well together as a team when it comes to household repairs.  Most couples want to shoot their partners!  We were exhausted by this time and so ready to call it quits.   There may be a plumber in my future if today doesn't fix it! 

Yup all and all it was a great weekend.   What were you up to? 

Weekend recap

July 11, 2013
When home is where you travel to, the places you visit along the way, and the sites you see are sometimes all too familiar.  Your favorite burger joint, Ice Cream, and lets not forget my favorite bakery, or your old stomping grounds around your old neighborhood or high school.  And then there are the new things that weren't there last time you visited.  Like a Starbucks right down the street from my parents home, or a cute little boutique that you wished was open on the holiday weekend!  Whatever it is the feeling of home never escapes.  I struggled to travel home when I first moved away.  There was a reason I moved from there, and to travel back so soon in my mind seemed to mucky up my need to feel grounded. To create that feel of home in my new surroundings.  

I have been gone from Oklahoma for 8 years this past 4th weekend, and It is finally good to visit home.  Sure things have changes, and places I use to love are gone, and new places for me to explore are around every corner.  I love seeing my sisters and brother, and always my nieces.  I don't share too much too deep or personal here, and I want to keep it that way, but I feel that withholding what is going on behind the scenes is not fair to you and will hopefully help you understand when my post aren't as regular, and why I took Mondays off!  My mom is fighting cancer, and winning I might add.  Hi Mom, your doing great!! She has two more treatments.  Life has changed as we knew it, and you pick up the pieces and you grow when things like this happen. Embrace every day and love a little deeper!  

As you know I have one teenager left in the home, and that my friends is the true test to my parenting skills.  I know what doesn't kill me will make me stronger..... well I should be pretty darn strong right now!  Prayers are welcome!!  So I will be taking more trips back to Oklahoma, this summer, and really embracing every day a little different.  Yesterday is my history, today is my life, and tomorrow is my future, I have shared these words with my boys this week on several occasions, I only hope they are getting it! 

Sorry to be so gabby here, lets get to the pretty pictures now! I loved decorating our little table for our gathering this 4th, and we had a great time!  I really did go all patriotic! 

My candy fire crackers! 

My birthday is coming up really fast, and my sis in law treated me to an early present!  

Loved how the limited edition mason jars I picked up from Target turned out with my star straws!  Say that three time fast!!  My handy dandy dad drilled homes in the lids for the straws!  

No trip home is complete without a trip to Braums!  The BF, who is from New York, was finally turned onto this little nugget of love in a cone and we made it a nightly ritual to get one!  I was good and only got a frozen yogurt!

Let me tell you a little story behind these next pictures.  If you follow me on instagram than you got a sneak peak of this adventure early Saturday morning.  My sister, Mom, and sis in law have always gone berry picking.  Every year as long as I can remember.  There are berry picking farms just a little outside of the city.  I, on the other hand, yes even growing up there, never seemed to be too enthused with the idea of heading to the farm at 6:30 just to pick berrys.  That is until this time.  It was actually my idea.  It sounded like fun.  The experience and being able to say I had done it was somehow feeling good to me.  So a quick drive thru Starbucks and off we went.  

There were rows upon rows of berries just waiting to be picked.  Raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  I was a picking fool.  I started with blackberries, and when I had enough to make a cobbler or two, we moved over to the blueberry rows!

Look at those gorgeous blueberries! 

This friendly young man works at the farm and bagged up my pickings. 

Here I am hard at work! 

And the fruits of our labor!  Yumm!! 

It is a bit messy on the fingers, but oh so worth it!  Have you ever picked your own berries? 

Sunshine Yellow

July 09, 2013
I had every intention of posting my weekend recap today and sharing my holiday weekend, but I was out of town for 5 days and my house was bare of food!  So last night was spent grocery shopping, and food prep for the week for my lunches!  Tomorrow is four favorites, and I may have to skip it so I can share my weekend!  Lets see how I manage my time and get my post ready, In the meantime, I love this outfit I wore last week feeling all bright and sunny in yellow!  I tend to steer away from yellows but this was a bright almost neon tank that was fun!

Ok lets start by addressing that my chest has more color than my legs.  True!  But when working in the yard and garden, its a tad difficult to expose your legs in an even manner, where as the shoulders, chest, and arms are always in the sun!  You know when your mom told you tanning would make your skin look older?  Well, I am older, and I don't need any assistance making my skin look my age thank you!  I use to be a true sun worshipper, spending all my weekends at the beach or pool.  Tanning away with my bestie.  We were true sunners!  But as the years have gone by, and I have started to see the natural effects on my skin with age, not to mention my time is so much more valuable now, my pool days are less and less.  

I have a birthday in less than a month, and it will be my last year before the big one!  Yes, I will have to change my about me blurb to no longer say "40 something" to well, I haven't decided! I am a much older blogger than most girls, and I think that's okay.  Heck, I could be mom to many of them!  That's ok with me too.  Blogging has no rules, or boundaries.  it is a judgement world, but only if you allow it.  Your readers and followers are there for you, what you have to share, bring to their corner of the world, and because they enjoy you! It's about my perspective, and sharing with you.  At least, I hope thats why your here!  So this post is Sunshine yellow, not only because there is sunshine yellow in my outfit, but because there is always a bright spot in everything you touch! 

Skirt Ann Taylor (on sale)  ~ Sweater Ann Taylor (on sale)  ~ Cami Ann Taylor ~ Shoes Ann Taylor (on sale) ~ Handbag Gucci ~ Bracelets Rustic Cuff c/o ~ Sunnies Ray Ban 

A glimpse of the Holiday Weekend

July 08, 2013
Happy Monday my dear friends!  How was your holiday weekend?  It feels like I have been gone forever!!  I know I was taking Mondays off, but I wanted to share my long weekend with you today, and tomorrow a full recap of the events! 

Four Favorites / Stars & Stripes

July 03, 2013

This weeks four faves is all about the red white and blue!  Independence day!  There are so many wonderful options available to show our patriotism and spirit this year, and later today I am traveling home to share in such festivities with my family. I "borrowed" a stars tank from my son's closet, it is super cute and perfect for the day too! 

  I have a little party planned and a few red, white and blue decorations that may just be showing up in tomorrow post!  Be sure to see what I have been crafting lately for the party tomorrow, but in the mean time check out what everyone else is getting in the spirit with their four favorites! 

Lego Land / Sea Life

July 02, 2013
If your looking for something fun to do around town with the kiddos, or maybe you have relatives visiting for the holidays, you really need to check out Lego Land and Sea Life Aquarium.  We went a while back and it was so fun for all ages.  This post is heavy on picture, but  I just loved it all!  

First up, is Lego Land.  We purchased our ticket online prior to showing up, I recommend this as the line to get in without pre purchase was super long, and some people were told they were full for the day.  So pre purchase!   You will spend a lot of time on your feet, so dress comfortable, and a stroller is perfectly fine to take with you.   We took a lunch break between the two exhibits and walked right across the street to grab a bite and a place to sit for a while.  I always loved playing Legos with the boys, and watching their little imaginations come to life with their creations so it was fun even for grown ups!  

Follow the yellow brick road!  I won't spoil it for you, but there is some animatronics in several of the exhibits! 

You're not in Kansas anymore....... Oh wait, yes we are!  Lego Land in Downtown Kansas City! (Technically Missouri for those of you that would think I didn't know my state lines)

They even have play stations set up in line while you wait! 

The wicked witches castle from the Wizard of Oz with flying monkeys and all.  Yes this is all made out of Legos! 

A jester of Legos! 

Of course the Emerald City! 

This was the workshop area for the master builders.  It was so cool to see all the things they created out of Legos! 

A little lego land of downtown KC!

Lego land The Plaza

So know things area about to get fishy!  haha, ok seriously, things were cool, hands on, and educational!  I am ready to go again and take my older grandkids! 

These guts swam right over our heads as we walked thru the water tunnel. 

Just a little underwater dome of pretty fish!!

I could stand at the wall full of jelly fish for a long time just watching them.  

Yup, thats a shark right over my head! 

It always warms my heart to watch my son explore and learn.  He had a great time in the education tank .  Here he is sharing with my great nephew. 

There's that shark again! 

So do yourself a favor, and plan a day trip to the Aquarium, and Lego Land. It was a great experience!

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