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July 15, 2013

Life lately has been super stressed but this past weekend I was able to really take a step back and relax.  The BF, who by now I think you should know really has a name.  Meet Joe, the BF.  He really went the extra mile to help make this past weekend a fun, stress free zone.  It's funny how life can tumble full speed ahead and take you with it.  I plan on taking some much needed vacation time from the office as well soon.  I am hoping to get my groove back this week, and I have so many things to share with you here and some fabulous collaborations to come! 

Last week when we were in Tulsa, we watched a video called Forks over Knives.  It was pretty compelling the information that the had gathered and shared in this movie.  I don't think everyone would agree with it, but life is about choices and differences of opinions.  After watching the movie, we whole heartily agreed that we needed to adopt a few changes in our habits, and I can gladly share that although we have not taken every single step to eat a plant based diet, we have take great strides and continue to thoughtfully think about or choices.  I can with tell you that I have lost 6 pounds in the past two and a half weeks by making a few modifications, and will continue to make these choices.  I think if you have a minute, you should watch it and see if it fits your lifestyle.  I think some people simple could not wrap their minds around this type of eating and that OK! For the record here, Sushi has not been eliminated from my diet! 

We did some shopping and I picked up this cleanse. I'll let you know how I like it!  Spent Saturday at the pool with a few yummy cocktails.  Decided it was time for a change on the toes... Bikini so teeny!  Clearly that would only be appropriate on my toes!!  and an afternoon date with my honey to catch a movie! 

 The downside to the whole weekend was our attempt to change the inside mechanism to our toilet.  We are not plumbers and proved it by the every so constant drip from one of the back bolts of the tank.  Two installations later, two fill and drain of the tank, and finally a turn of the water off and Joe back at the plumbing store  today to hopefully fix it.  The good thing is that we work well together as a team when it comes to household repairs.  Most couples want to shoot their partners!  We were exhausted by this time and so ready to call it quits.   There may be a plumber in my future if today doesn't fix it! 

Yup all and all it was a great weekend.   What were you up to? 

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