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July 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday lovelies!  I am so glad to be back after missing last weeks four favorites.  When I read that this week was random, I knew what had to be on my four faves!   Now before you even think that I couldn't possibly be needing a new bangle, you're so mistaken.  I cannot believe I don't own a skinny gold bangle.  I won a gift card from C Wonder a while back, and to be honest I am the worlds worst at spending my gift cards.  I have mentioned before how I can save them until just the right moment comes along, but the amount of time I have had this is a bit ridiculous.   So, That is where this too cute arrow bangle is currently in my shopping cart at C. Wonder!  It will be mine!  And I might add, spending the gift card is keeping within my spending freeze. Well, more like a spending cold!  Ha ha! 

OK, I am going to be honest here. These slippers will be mine.  I love a slipper, and a suede slipper all the better.  When I first saw these I was completely smitten, and fell in love.  I mean really love these!  I would rock these until they fall apart.  Joe on the other hand, is not so sold on them.  He actually thought I was kidding when I showed them to him.  The bones stitched on the tops in silver, and the black suede, yes!! What's not to love!?  I see these bad boys in my future and ohhh will I be styling them for you!! 

So this brings us to favorite number 3!! A cuff is no ordinary cuff when it is hand made, and that is exactly how this designer creates all her pieces.  I love the raised stones and the uniqueness with it, and in sterling!  Love love this cuff! 

I couldn't let a random four favorites pass with out adding a tote that caught my eye either.  This Gigi New York shoppers tote is the perfect size, and I love the white pop off of the tan.  It is available in a mint green, and a fuchsia, but the white is what really has my attention.  I do think this would be a perfect tote that could easily transition from day to happy hour with no problem!  

So, tell me, which of my four favorites is your favorite this week?  Don't forget Ashlyn and Kristin and their favorites! 

I am also linking up with Shanna for random Wednesday! 

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  1. That arrow bracelet is simple yet beautiful! It always seems when I have gift cards I can never find anything to buy, ha.

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. Haha I love the slippers!

    Stopping by via the linkup :)

  3. ohhhh, that bag - i love lisa! so cute.

    thanks for linking up! xo


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