Tulsa Oktoberfest

October 30, 2015

Did you think I fell off the radar?  I have been traveling the past 5 days added an extra day to my plans and when I got home it has been non stop busy catching up.  I went home to Tulsa for Oktoberfest and to see my boys who were all in town visiting as well.  It was a wonderful weekend with all three of my boys and all of my grandsons.  And yes.. that is my son and grandson in their Lederhosen.  German runs deep in my family. 

I have been working on something exciting for the blog and can't wait to share it with you.  I have plenty of pictures to edit and post to share with you so expect me to be back to a full week of posting on Monday.  In the mean time... here is a snapshot of my week and weekend and TGIF! 

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