Snowy Weekend

February 25, 2013

My weekend in pictures!  It actually was a 4 day weekend thanks to snowmaggedon of the midwest!  The snow started early Thursday morning and continues to dump at a great rate!  Poor Teddie, was reduced to a small corner of the deck where the snow wasn't as tall as he is.  I bundled up and braved out to see the men, (my heros) shoveling the 12+ inches off my driveway as it was still coming down! 

 When you get snowed in there are only a few things you can do without going crazy!  Play games, drink, and eat!  Well lucky for me my son, who has several years of culinary school training, cooked all weekend for us!  He even made this lattice top cherry pie!  Yumm!

 With the whole house a little stir crazy after a few days, we did what any woman would do if she finally got out of the house!  We went shoe shopping at Nordstrom and picked up these beauties! 
So here it is Monday morning, and back to work.... but it appears for only the day!  We are expecting 10-14 more inches of snow in the next 24 hours!  If your looking for all the panic people, they are in the grocery store!  All the smart folks are at the liquor store!  I chose the middle road, and will be at both before the day is out!  What is your weather like? Are you part of this snow storm?  Let me live vicariously thru you and tell me you have sunshine and warm weather!

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  1. Oh wow we never get snow! I wish we did in SC sometimes, but I am sure you can't wait till Spring.

    1. Lucky you! I actually love snow, but not in mass quantities! I am ready for spring for sure!


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