Happy Monday

February 04, 2013

What a great weekend! I accomplished so much and it feels so good starting the week with some much done!  My mom was in town for a visit and it was great to see her and spend time with her and my sister.  Friday evening we went to my sister's best friends house to learn her green smoothie recipe.  It definetely makes me want to purchase one of these bad boys!  If I can convience the BF to try a smoothie, I might actually have a chance to get one!  I let ya know how that goes!! 

Saturday I was up early and out running my errands.  I am working on a few DIY projects and needed a few more supplys.  I can't wait to share these with you soon! I had my nail appointment Saturday afternoon, then stopped by Dean and Deluca to pick up some biscottis to go with our evening lattes.  I am telling you, my Nespresso is the greatest gift, and I enjoy a decaf in the evenings, so it was fitting combo!  

As usual, my #2 son and his family spent the weekend with us, so Sunday we had a great family breakfast my son made.  He attended culinary school and loves to be in the kitchen.  Only thing is, he hates to clean up, so that is left for me!  But hey, its a trade off since he cooks!  We did a little superbowl party shopping, I picked up these beautiful tulips for the house.   The weather was fabulous, so we spent some time outside enjoying the day, and then another fabulous meal by my son and watched the game!  

How was your weekend?  Did you watch the game and did your team win?  We were a house divided!  But is was a good game for sure!

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  1. loving that vase. "my team" didnt make it to the super bowl, but i was rooting for the ravens, very happy for them! happy monday!

    1. Thanks Emily! Sorry about your team not making it! The vase was an easy DIY a few months back! You should make one!
      Let me know if you have questions and I will help you make it!


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