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February 06, 2013

I am ready for spring!  So ready, that I have started wearing my flip flops almost all the time on the weekends now! Now mind you, it is still with a pair of sweats, or yoga pants, and I am only running errands, but my toes want to be free!  I long for a french pedicure and sandals!  

I have started a little online browsing for sandals, and these beauties all caught my eye.  It is far to dangerous for me to actually stroll thru the shoe department with a undying need to buy new sandals!  The BF is way smarter than to fall for my trick of "Hey, lets grab a bite to eat at Nordstroms cafe"!!  He knows that would lead to a trip downstairs thru the shoe department and BAM......  it's on like donkey kong!! But trust me, these are on my radar, and soon will be strapped around my pretty little toes! 

I am linking up with my Kristin and Ashlyn again today, so be sure to see what their favorites are!

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  1. Oh I so wish it was warm enough for sandals! I've been wearing nothing but boots :( #4 is so cute with that ankle buckle!

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    1. I am right there with you wishing! Hopefully spring will be here soon according to the groundhog!

  2. Ohh I love one & two!
    Not ready for sandals yet though, love my boots :)
    x Hilary


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