White Denim for Spring

February 25, 2016

It's funny what you don't notice when you are busy looking at everything.  Sounds funny huh?  Think about it for a minute.... you notice things like landscaping, architecture, and graffiti, but when you are busy looking for something and you don't know what you begin to notice everything.   We were out and about over the weekend and checking out photo locations.  We drove past the usual places with a desire for something else.  We didn't know what or where, but we knew we would know it when we found it.    We began to see things that are common everyday places except brighter and bolder.  Take this neon door for example.  We found these as the back entrance to a building while turning around to check out another area.  It was as if they were waiting for us.   I wish we had a whole slew of colored walls like LA or Miami but then I would need palm trees too!  So for now I will take a neon door and a new wall of ivy we found as great locations.  

I paired up a few of my favorites, and I pulled out my white denim to transition them into spring.  Paired with my jean jacket and blue striped top with this Dolyn cross body, it was a perfect look.  I love how the blue zipper on the bag really pops.  I added my trusty leopard heels and a pair of Nickel and Suede leather earrings to my outfit and was ready for date night.  I am so ready for patio weather and longer daylight.  It's so close!! 

Striped Top  //  White Denim  //  Jean Jacket  //  Dolyn Cross body bag  //  Earrings c/o  //  Shoes (These are on sale)  //  Cuff c/o  //  Sunnies  //  Watch  // 

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