Spilled Coffee

April 22, 2013

Hi!  Happy Monday!

The weather was pretty cooperative this weekend, and I actually got to spend some time out in my yard. It is actually nice to see all the bulbs blooming, and signs of spring. Friday evening the BF and I headed out to dinner, and the manager offered to buy us dessert.  We were out celebrating our anniversary of 7 years together.  This dessert was a peach ginger tarta, with a strussel on top and you pour the peach cream over it. It is not on the menu yet.  It was delish!!    

 I ran what seems like a ton of errands on Saturday, and bought a few things at Marshalls for the home.  I am working on a project and needed some glass containers.  By the time I got home from my day, and carried my sacks in, the two glass jars were both broken.  The lid on one jar, and the pedistal foot on the other.  I remembered that the cleck at the store had knocked the bag on the sack rack as she was placing them in my cart, and I saw her grimace as she did it.  I passed it off at the time, and now after getting home to broken glass I realized I should have checked them there.  The manager was super nice about it, and told me to bring them back on Sunday and they would take care of it.

A trip back to Marshalls on Sunday turned out to be beneficial after all.  I found this wool rug that I am hoping will go beautiful in my office/den.  I just need window treatment for this room and I would feel ready to share the entire room.  If you remember, this is the room I painted stripes on the  wall. 

Well, My weekend was pretty productive, and I accomplished some planting, shopping, and cleaning around the house, but my Monday so far as been a little rocky!  I picked up my grandson this morning who spent the night over at Mimi's, only to feel the burn in my lower back return.  Great!  Guess I will be nursing my back again for a while! 

I shuffled into the kitchen for some much needed coffee, poured a lovely cup full, headed back to continue getting ready for work, and knocked my entire cup all over the bathroom counter, floor, wall, and door!  Nice start! 

I am a optimist, so a little spilled coffee, and achy back won't ruin my day!  We are celebrating a birthday at the office of a co worker, and I will be enjoying one of these funfetti cupcakes!!  Woohoo, all is good with my Monday now!   Happy Monday!!

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  1. Happy anniversary! That was so nice of the manager to give you free dessert. That stinks that the glass containers broke but I'm glad you'll be able to get it sorted out at the store.

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