Cotton Candy Clouds

August 09, 2012

This was the sky over my part of Kansas last night.  Beautiful cotton candy colors. It has been hot with temperatures still hanging around 100+.  A storm was brewing in the southwest and rolling in causing the temperatures to drop into the 80's.  Although it rained only a little bit, the drop in temperature was a relief. 

My Mom is traveling today to visit for the next 4 days.  We have several things lined up to accomplish, one being the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Sunday in downtown KC.  My sister who I wrote about here,  has a team.  We will also be taking a few outfit pics, and a few DIY projects! 

 Do you participate in the race? Are you a walker, runner, or neither?  I will most likely walk this year instead of run so I can visit with my sister and Mom, who neither one run!!
Photo by Lisa

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  1. Love skies like that! Yes, I run. In Canada, it's called the CIBC Run For The Cure :)

  2. absolutely gorgeous! love perfect evening skies.



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