Soul Peaces

March 22, 2013

As I browse thru Etsy, I am always amazed at the talent that is out in the world, and for so long before Etsy was around, we had no way of discovering these finds without word of mouth, or a friend!  I love Etsy, and all the doors it opens to artist, and designers following their dreams and using their talents!  Meet this week's Fridays Feature, Heather, of Soul Peaces.  In her own words, "Soulful jewelry thats a little rough around the edges".

Upcyling sterling silver and oxidized cable chain, all of Heather's designs are personally handcrafted.  Taking a class in 2004 in metal fabrication, she knew she was hooked as soon as she picked up the torch! With every design hand cut, and uniquely her own, she only sells her designs as individual pieces, not charms or in bulk, and many are one-of-a-kinds!  Every design has a special soulful meaning behind it that I am sure you will treasure forever.  Here are just a few of my absolute favorites in her shop! Oh my, that moon and three stars is perfect for me with three sons!  I definitely need that!

Inspired by her deep love of nature, and music, Heather's creative Pisces heart is close.  Living in Southern California, she loves the ocean, (Me too) vintage and industrial, of course the moon and stars, and!  We would definetely hang out if I was a Southern Cali gal too!

you will want to take some time to check out all Heather's designs, then enter below in the rafflecopter form to win a unique sterling silver personalized lotus blossom petal necklace!  I love how dainty mine is!

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  1. i really like this one: Seeing The Dark Side of the Moon Necklace- Large Hammered Crescent Moon Shape

  2. I love the family tree necklaces !!!!!

  3. i love this one and the balance act ring!

  4. I love the Lhea necklace.
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  5. I love the Mini Sideways Cross Necklace!!


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