Stripes and Sequins

March 07, 2013

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I traveled home last weekend for a birthday party and to visit family. I wore this outfit to run around town on Saturday before the party.  The weather was cool enough for this striped sweater, but warm enough to ditch the plaid number I sometimes wear under the sweater.  I moved from Tulsa almost 8 years ago to KC and being back over the weekend, and running errands in heels, and sequins, reminded me of the most noticeable difference in the two cities! My outfit would be nothing out of the ordinary in KC, and no one would give it a second, out of place, glance!  But in Tulsa?  I, on several occasions, felt a little over dressed! Maybe it was the heel height, or the fact that I was carrying a sequin clutch during the day, what ever it was, I noticed it!  

I love that about KC!  You can dress your mood, and not stand out! Now don't get me wrong, Tulsa has a great feeling, but for me it's a little more casual, laid back, and well, comfy. Maybe that is why it is home.  When I first moved, I didn't have any desire to go back to Okla.  Visiting wasn't even on my radar at the time.  I had lived my whole life there, so what was there to visit?  I wasn't a tourist, there were no attractions to take in. I know all too well what the campus of ORU, and TU look like, thank you! (which is what it seemed, every visitor wants to see).  But as time passed, and holiday visits were all there was, I started making a few trips back to take in the comfy feeling.  Its great for a weekend, not an entire move back however!   What I realized is this,  It wasn't the feeling of going home that was all I was enjoying, it was the returning to Kansas to MY home.  The place I made my own.  I didn't grow up here, go to school here, or have childhood friends.  But what I do have is my space, defined my way, and without and strings to stay forever!  Thats right, I want to move someday from here, and I don't think I would ever have been able to make the next step, had I not taken the last step here! 

Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone, and following your dreams, or desires, will take you to a place of inner confidence!  Or, at least enough to carry sequins on a Saturday afternoon! I have always been a confident person, but moving took it to a whole new level! 

 I have to travel back to Tulsa this weekend, unfortunately for a funeral.   I have to be completely honest here, I don't want to go. My ex mother in law passed away unexpectedly.  But here is the thing, it is one day out of my life, a few hours, a weekend, but for my children, it is a life time of having the support of me being there for them.  When they turn around from their seats, and scan the room for that one face to make it all better for them, they need it to be my eyes they lock with.    Your babies grow up, but they are always your baby! 

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  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your ex-MIL and hope the funeral isn't too hard on your children.

    I felt the same way when I lived in NYC...didn't matter what I wore because anything goes!

    The Tiny Heart


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