How to Design a Custom Swimsuit with Kini Swimwear

August 22, 2016

Swimsuit struggles can sometimes stop you in your tracks.  Finding the perfect bikini can be so hard and the thought of dressing room mirrors and wondering if you look good in your suit is down right frightening.   We all want to have the latest trend with our suits, but we don't want to compromise on quality and fit.   Who has shown up at the pool to find another person in your exact suit?  (Awkward... especially if the other girl turns out to be some high school or college gal)  I first discovered Kini Swimwear when doing my own research for the "perfect" suit. There is no such thing as perfect, there is only perfect for you!!

Founders Em and Elle, had the same struggles.  That is why they decided it was time to make a change for the way we shop for suits.  Launched in 2010, Kini Swimwear is a website that allows you, the customer to design your suit.  You select the style, prints, colors and size.  It was such a fun process to go through.  I must have created 5 or  6 different styles before I finally had to make a decision... trust me it was hard to just create one suit.  When I saw the fun turquoise and polka dots, and the gingham I knew what I wanted my suit to look like.  An affordable solution to an otherwise task most of us dread every season.  I love my suit and I am so glad I stepped out of my typical colors of pinks and blacks and went with blues! 

Swim Suit c/o //  Sunnies  //  Lipstick  //  Bracelets ( We made them!)  

The website is very easy to use and making your selections is a snap with images to help you mix and match your top and bottom.  The real fun begins once you have decided on a suit style and you begin adding the little touches!  Want a frill on your top? No problem.  How about a halter top rather than a bra strap?  Again, no problem.  And for your bottoms?.... well there is a style for everyone.  Add ties at your hips, or maybe you prefer a ruffle... for me it was a fold over waistband.   Truly the only thing you need is an imagination and you're set to design!  If you have trouble selecting, they even help you with a style based on your body shape.  My favorite feature is the top not only is sized by your bust, it also includes your cup size!  Yay for larger breast!

So here are a few tips for creating your own custom suit design.

  • Don't order based off of your size.  Take your measurements and compare them to the size chart.  Note... Australian sizing is stated as smaller numbers than in US sizing so don't let that trip you up that the "size" you order sounds tooooo big.  I fell for this until I measured myself! We tend to let a number on a size label dictate how we should look and feel about our self.  Not true.
  • Get Creative.  Step outside of your normal style or color preference and design something truly unique!  That's the fun with Kini Swimwear.  It is truly a one of a kind for you; each Kini Swimwear is made to order based off of the specifications you selected.
  • Give yourself enough time to receive your new Kini Swimwear suit.  It takes approximately 21 days from order to receive your new suit. 
  • Plan on going somewhere fun because you will love you new suit that much!  Remember, it's always sunny and 85 somewhere!

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