Questions to Ask Yourself to De Clutter your Closet

September 03, 2015

I think I can safely say I have been bitten by the fall bug.  I am ready for cooler nights, plaids, and boots!  This means it's time to do a little housekeeping.  Most of us rotate our closets with the change of seasons.  You know, move the summer wear to the back and bring the fall to the front.  What better time to really take a look at your wardrobe and do a little cleaning.  There are few questions you should ask yourself before you move that item to the back or to the front of the closet. 

8 Questions to ask yourself to help de clutter your closet:

Is this item something I use regularly?

If not, is I something I love?

Am I keeping this out of obligation or expectation?

Am I saving this just in case?

Is this item worth the time having it cleaned and storing it?

Do I have multiples of the same style? ( This should not apply to stripes)

Am I holding onto it hoping it will come back in style?

Am I attached to the memories with this item?

Make a pile to donate, one to consign, and one to throwout!  I promise you will feel so good with a clean closet!  

Since you are there going thru all your clothes, take a look at the items you decided to keep and see if they need a little mending. 

  • Place a drop of clear nail polish on your button threads to stop them from un threading.  Place your shirt unbuttoned on your counter.  Simply place one small drop of polish on the threads of the button and leave flat to dry.  I know what you're thinking.... my clear polish looks purple.  Trust me it goes on clear! 

  • Go thru your tee's and replace any that are dingy or showing signs of wear.  Target and Old Navy are always a good place to refresh these items. While you are there you might as well grab a few replacement tanks in staple colors too.  There is a tiny hole in this pink tee, and look at all the wear on both the pink and green tee? 

  • Change out your hanger to save space.  I use these and love how they securely hold your garments. 
  • Inventory your shoes and take any heels that need heel taps replaced to your local shoe repair shop.  For a few bucks they will have them good as new again and they usually give them a good polish too!
  • Organize your scarves by weight. Light weight, medium weight, and for winter all your blanket scarfs. 
  • Shave pills on your sweaters and jeans.

What do you do to de clutter your closet?  

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