2011 Highlights

January 08, 2012

2011 was a year of several memorable moments. My middle son graduated from high school, and my youngest entered high school.   My second grandson was born.  We attended a fashing party.  I had my great room repainted, and I painted a Union Jack.  (More on that to come) and we were hit with the terrible blizzard as most of the country was for weeks. 

There were many first as well.  My youngest got his first pet lizard, both of my oldest sons got their first F-150 pickups (its a man thing), I hung sheetrock, mud and taped it. ( I will hire that out if I ever have to do that again) Visited El Paso, not that its a vacation destination but my son is stationed there. My highlights for 2012 will be packed with adventures and projects as I have a lofty list of thing to accomplish  in the upcoming year! Wish me luck!

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