January 07, 2012

Goal: noun  The end towards which effort is directed

Resolution: noun  The act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones

This year I decided to set goals rather than resolutions.  According to Webster’s Dictionary goal takes effort and resolution requires analyzing.  So here they are.

1.     Learn to take better photos.  We bought a Nikon SLR camera last year and I can’t even begin to tell you everything it can do.  Maybe even take a photography class at the junior college.

2.   Post to my blog regularly.  Nuff said!

3.    Take a road trip with the Bestie!  She and I use to take at least two trips a year.  Now life has gotten so busy for us that we haven’t done this for a while.  We talk about it every year. 

4.   Running again regularly.

5.   Eat healthy.  I like sweets, what can I say.  This will be the tough one for me but I hope it will go hand in hand with #4.

6.   Take a cruise.  The Caribbean blue water and the exciting ports of call sound wonderfully relaxing.

So what are your goals or resolutions for the New Year?  I would love to hear.  Leave me a comment.

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