Valentines Fortune Cookies

January 27, 2015

I will admit, I can be a hopeless romantic at times.  So when I saw these adorable felt fortune cookies last year after valentines day and could not wait to make them this year. Adorable and so easy. 

  • Light to medium weight Felt in colors of your choice (I used pink, red, and cream)
  • Florist wire or pipe cleaners
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • scissors
  • mug, small dish or round object to make circles
  • Fortunes or love notes

  • Trace and cut your circles out of the felt. I did 4.5″ diameter circles and used a dough cutter as my stencil. If adding candy or something else besides a message inside your fortunes,  4-4.5″ circles are a perfect size. If you are only placing a message in your cookie I found the 3.5″ size was perfect.
  • Cut stripes of felt just slightly shorter than the diameter of your circles. You will use these stripes to cover the wire.
  • Cut your floral wire at 4″ lengths. * Note - If you would rather use pipe cleaner here you can by omitting the floral wire and the strip of felt to cover the wire however, I made two using the pipe cleaner method and did not like the finished results.

  • Fold your felt circle in half to create a crease mark so you know where the center line is. This helps in finding the center of your cookie a lot easier.  Lay your wire on the fold line and run a bead of hot glue along your wire.  Place the strip of felt over the wire and press it down making sure to cover the entire wire. Be careful here... you could feel some heat through the felt from the glue.  Let the glue cool a few minutes.
  • Insert your fortune or love note on top of the  glued strip and fold the circle in half as shown below.

  • Then bend the two ends down creating a bend in the center. They made need a slight bit of Shape manipulating.  If adding a piece of candy slip it in the ends of your folded cookie.   That’s it!

I think craft stores sell small Chinese takeout boxes too.  What a cute way to deliver your cookie to your Valentine!

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