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January 19, 2015

I am the kind of person that when I find something that I love I want to share it.  I want to share why I love it, what my experience has been and get excited telling you how I found it.   So here are my favorite products right now.  Things that make you feel pretty, are very relaxing, and make you smell yummy!   If you haven't heard of Lush Cosmetics yet well you need to stop and look them up now. Our store in the mall smells so good and the minute you walk into the store its sensory overload in a good way.  I am particularly in love with their bath bombs and bath melts with this French Kiss being one of my favorites.  I enjoy evening baths and the soothing lavender smell of this is a perfect way to relax.  I am able to get several relaxing baths out of one of these cones by simply pinching off as much or as little as I desire.    Next up on the luxurious favorite smells of mine is Laura Mercier body soufflé, with the right amount of almond and vanilla it leaves you smelling so sweet.  This is a treat for sure. 

Ok... so now lets talk about hair.  I am pretty much a freak when it comes to trying something new on my hair.  I'm not to willing to try just any old thing, but when Gab called to find out what product they used when we went to the salon for a blow out I have to say I was willing to stop and listen.  Living Proof is co owned my Jennifer Aniston. (Um yeah... good hair day almost always.)  Claiming to add time between washes, the products have a light citrus scent and lives up to what they say.  I was able to add at least one day extra between washings and so was Gab.  This primer also held my style the entire time between washes with very minor touch ups.  I am telling you, this stuff is amazing and you receive a sample of a product with each order too.   The last product I am going to share with you today is my Halo highlighting wand.  With the dreary days of winter and some days the sun can't even catch a break thru the clouds... adding a bright spot on your cheek bones gives your face a boost.  It just takes a little dab and adds just the right among of highlights to your face. 

So... what are some of your favorite products?  Let me in on your favorites!! 

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  1. These sound like great products! I would love to try the highlighting wand!!


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