January 06, 2015

The greatest app I have recently found!! Chatbooks!  Do you ever wish you could somehow take all those pics from your phone and share them without handing over your phone?   Or what about sharing those same pics with a grandparent or family member that lives farther away?  I know your phones are probably loaded up right now with holiday and New Years pics.   Chatbooks can help you out!  With several options for your book, you can choose what pictures you want to share and Chatbooks does the rest.  I decided to take all the pics of my youngest grandson and create a book.  I had pictures of his first moments of his life and the first time my son held him.  He was the first to hold him, a moment that I knew needed to be preserved. 

Chatbooks is a company that prints your Instagram posts into beautiful 60 page books. Each book is only $6. You can just print a few or you or go nuts and print your entire Instagram feed.  I have 18 glorious months wrapped up in perfect-bound book forever. It is a tiny, treasured time capsule showcasing how much I love this little fella.   Here is the good news...  Download the app (it's free) and start creating your books. 

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