Cupids Arrows

January 20, 2015

Today is a quick and easy little project that I think are super cute.  I shared a sneak peek with last weeks DIY and as promised here are the full instructions.  


  • Felt in colors of your choice I used pink and red
  • sticks of various sizes ( The straighter the better)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Bakers twine

These little arrows are super easy and fun to make. 

  • Gather sticks from your yard... or your neighbors, I'm sure they wont mind you picking up sticks from their yard for them!!    Try to gather sticks with at least a section of it straight.  A bent arrow doesn't travel far!  Once you have your sticks gathered... break them into the lengths you plan on using. 
  • Cut your felt into arrow heads and tails making a pair for each stick.
  • Place your stick onto one arrow head, and one tail and glue each in place one at a time.  Repeat this step with the top portion of your head and tail making sure to line up the points of your arrow and the corners of your tail.


  • Allow the glue to cool.
  • Cut notches in your tails to give the feather appearance on each side.
  • Tie a cute bow on the tail of your arrow and you are set!


  • You may add a valentines to the arrow by simply adding it before you tie the bow.

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  1. Ah! These are so easy, and super adorable! My sister is always trying to think of small crafts to do with the kids - this is perfect Definitely sharing!

    1. Share a pic if you make them. I would love to see them! xo


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