2012 Party Season

November 20, 2012

This past weekend was a bit crazy and hectic!  I spent the majority of the day Friday helping set up for Friday evenings gala.  It was my first holiday party of the year.  The event was a fundraiser, so there were many items donated for the silent action.  There was a raffle for a mini iPad, and a surprise box giveaway with items such as a fur coat, Silpada jewelry, 2 iPads, a flat screen, Kate Spade items, and tons of gift cards!  It was a fun evening to say the least! 

The event was held at Studio Dan Meiners in downtown Kansas City.  I could easily spend hours there shopping.  He has The ~ Coolest ~ Store!!! But don't take my word for it, see for yourself!!

The perfect venue for a wedding

I absolutely loved these little fellas

These are just a few of the items up for grabs at the silent auction.  The wall of gift boxes were a big hit.  Your donation, and luck at picking out your favorite numbered box could win you a iPad, flat screen, jewerly, and even some fun Kate Spade items!  The angel tree topper was handmade and a party favorite item. 
Let me tell you..... I wanted this tree pretty bad.  I loved the MacKenzie-Childs bowl it was situated in, and the square faux boxwood with and the pretty frames just made it.  My office would have gladly welcomed it!  Unfortunately, My Christmas shopping list for everyone is rather long this year, and a gift to me like this one would have set me back!  The iron tree is a favorite every year.  Bonnie Kelly one of the Co founders of  Silpada Designs,  is a regular attendee at our event.  Silpada home offices are located here locally!  So every year, she has a iron tree made, and small holes in the ends of the "branches" are adorned with none other than jewery.  LOTS of jewelry.  Can you imagine being the high bidder on this little diddy? 
I had a break in the afternoon to get ready for the event, and the lovely Madeline at Halls on the Plaza did my makeup for me.  I also picked up a little something for myself while I was there too!!  Who doesn't love a treat from the Chanel counter?
Saturday was spent running errands and catching up on a few things before I headed back downtown for my second event of the weekend.  This time I ended up at the Downtown Marriott for the Children Center for the Visually Impaired 60th anniversary party.  The room was magnificently decorated, and the stories of the students, both young and old who have benefited from such a wonderful organization touched my heart.  It would be hard to say the best part of the evening was the entertainment, but it was a mighty fine concert thanks to the Commodores.  It was a throwback to my high school days for sure! 

And what would any party weekend be without party pics!  

What did you do over the weekend?  Have your holiday parties started?

All photos by Lisa

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  1. I love Dan's studio..I have been to a wedding there and am thinking about hosting my husband's 40th there! You are a busy gal!

    1. You should def check out Dan's place for your party. Thanks Sarah.

  2. I loved all the pics! Very inspiring for the Holidays! Love it!



    1. Thanks Lyndsey. Dan's place is a great inspiration for sure!


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