O Tannenbaum

December 13, 2012

A little peek at my home for the holidays. The train belonged to my ex husband.  He received it for christmas when he was a boy, so it is about 40 years old.  My sons now carry on the tradition of setting it up under the tree, and some day when they are a little more settled in a house they will be sharing it under their tree with their sons.   Thru the years, I have purchased additional train cars to add to the set.  That way each son will have a full train to take to their home.  

I am busy at the moment making a stocking for my newest grandson.  I have made all the stockings for my kids since their very first christmas, and continued the tradition of making a stocking for all my grandkids, and daughter in laws, for their first christmas' as well.  I hope to get a picture of them so I can share. 

 And in case your wondering why there are no presents under the tree?  Well lets just say a certain teenager was caught opening presents a few years ago, and then carefully (or not so carefully) taping them back up.  So presents no longer make it to the tree until I am able to monitor the  rummaging under the tree.  Actually, I don't even hide them at home because he is a sneaky one that boy!!   One year I wrapped all his presents, put his brothers name on all his gifts, and told him that his presents were being stored across the street at the neighbors until christmas morning.  He was baffled at all the gifts under the tree, but none for him. I successfully fooled him that year, but you can only ride a trick pony once and have it be a success!   What's a mother to do!!!

 Photos by Lisa

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  1. I love the train under the tree!

  2. Omg. Your house is SO perfect! So jealous!

  3. Lisa I love that the train sets will be full of so many memories for the boys!
    I would love to see your stockings; a wonderful tradition!
    2012 Artists Series

  4. Omg, this decor is amazing, love the cute little train.

  5. I ♥ your tannenbaum! Oh Tannenbaum Oh tannenbaum ♪♫♪♫ Your mantle decore and other xmassy decorations are all lovely too. ☺


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