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December 03, 2012

I am soooo glad to be back and start this week with a big hello to my sweet followers!  Oh how I have missed you!  Ya know, being sick for a week really does set you back in so many ways.  I got out the house this weekend to catch up on ALOT!  Saturday's errands held a funny surprise.  It was pretty funny to watch this kid make faces with his mask as his parents drove down the street Saturday morning.  They probably had no idea what he was up to!! He was happy  in his own little world though!

 There were few groceries in my house, my son had a wresting tournament all day Saturday, and one sweet little grandson had his first visit to Santa Claus.   I really can't help but giggle as I type that because while I was sick last week, The Nightmare Before Christmas was on (I love that movie) and I  keep remembering Jack opening the bag and saying "Santy Claws..... Why those aren't claws at all"!! 

I spent Sunday at home with the fam and decorated the house.  It was nice to have the boys help out more than just critique my placement of ornaments.  They really got in the spirit and hung ornaments, and even got along!! Miracle! The finishing touches to the tree were completed with much frustration by my middle son.... the Lionel Train.  It belonged to their Father, who received it when he was about 8, so it is fairly old and the track was giving him fits!  I can't wait to share pictures of my decorations with you.  And these two little elves?  They will be making their way to Texas for two of my other sweet grand babies! 

So, as I dig my way out of so much that I missed last week, catching up on my blog reading, baking some sweet goodies, and shopping of course, I am glad to be back among the living, so to speak!   How was your weekend?   Are you finished shopping yet? or just starting?  I would love to know so I don't feel so behind! 

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