February 07, 2012

I recently traveled to Orlando on business for a week.  While there I met two wonderful gals that I gladly can call my friends now.  They were there on the same business.  We ended up spending every moment outside of the class together.  Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner, then sightseeing and shopping.  We were less than a mile from Disney World so we hopped over to Downtown Disney two nights.  Carol is from Boston, and Cheryl is from a Dallas suburb. We shared receipes, storys of our kids, and grandkids, our husbands (BF for me) and  funny stories about ourselves.  It was as if we were meant to be friends.  We vowed to stay connected after the class and I can successfully say that we have.  Have you ever met someone and just connected?  Does this happen to you?

This was made out of Legos in the lagoon
The Night Sky


Pirates of the Caribbean Store

We spent time in the Toy Story shop with Mister Potato Head.  We had fun shopping for the grandkids!  We hurried back to our rooms to put together several variations of Mister potato Head..... (A little quality control ya know) hehe.  The had every imaginable part to make endless potato heads.  It was so much fun!

Tourist At Disney World Potato Head




Darth Vader Potato Head

Aren't we all just big kids at heart? Thanks Carol and Cheryl for making the class so fun!

All images by Lisa and Cheryl

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