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June 28, 2012

Monograming is a favorite of brides.  It is also a staple in the preppy set!  I went to private schools growing up and uniforms were a must. It was difficult to stand out in a crowd when you all had the same pleated plaid skirt on!  It was in the 70's and Ralph Lauren Polo was big with the double layering of your polo knits, and the flipped up collar.  Everything it seemed was monogramed.  I have always loved monograms and my initial on items.  The personalization is a sweet touch I think.  I have boxes upon boxes of personalized stationary, my initials on pillows, desk accessories, and even this jewel I received this past Valentines day.  I only wish my initial had more flair to it!  Seriously? Its two straight lines!!  My besties has the best initial I think.... G! its pretty upper or lower case!  Do you monogram?  Are you modest in what you sport with initials? or do you go all out preppy style?  I am crushing these Jack Rogers, middle initial A, size 8 please! 

 I spent many years afraid to monogram for fear I would look like Laverne!  Remember her?  She had a big L on every sweater and blouse she wore in the sitcom.  It was her trademark and I wasn't about to be on the same crazy train she was. Hello? Same initial!!  Good thing that sitcom isn't in reruns or I would be a skeptic to the whole monogram still!

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  1. Thanks! I am so glad you follow!

  2. ahh you're killing me Lisa! I WANT IT ALL! obsessed with everything monogrammed.


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