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September 10, 2013

Juicing. Cleansing. Green smoothies. Whatever you refer to, or have even tried, or wanted to try but maybe, just maybe haven't gotten there yet, the time has come to just do it!  Love Suja was on the shelf, colorful, inviting, and oh so tempting for me.  I grabbed two bottles and headed home.  Love Suja Glow, and Green Supreme.  Why these two?  Well, because the ever so healthy, and fit gal, who looked like she came straight from a workout, picking up her Love Suja, told me these were great.  Glow was a good morning, and the Love Suja Green Supreme was a good dinnertime.  Enough for me! 

I came home and went right to the Love Suja website.  True to my nature, I studied the site to see what they had to say about their products, and read plenty of reviews.  I was all in!  I needed to pick up the rest of the juices for a one day juice. 

I will admit, I was a little scared to drink the first one, not sure what to expect, or if it would even taste good.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It really did taste good!! They all tasted good to me!   The order you drink the juices are explained clearly for you, as well as all the nutrition in each juice on the side of each bottle, so the guess work was taken out!

Now, I will tell you that I read in some of the reviews people saying Purity, which has beets in it was strong, I didn't have any problem with the taste of beets.   Glow was cucumber and mint, Fuel was definitely carrots, Purity was carrots and beets, but it was every so slightly.  Fiji was a refreshing apple, with cucumber again, and  Green Supreme was like drinking a sweet, but slightly tart apple.  Vanilla Cloud is like your dessert for the day!  Super yummy!  I drank several waters thru out the day in between my juices like suggested, and only around mid afternoon did I feel a little hungry, but I chalk it up to just snack habits. 

I chose to do a one day cleanse to see if I liked it.  If you choose to do a 3, or even 5 day cleanse, you just repeat the juices for each day in the same order. 

I would definitely do a Love Suja juice cleanse again, and would even do a 3 day cleanse. I enjoyed the flavors of all the juices I tried, and would recommend this to any of my friends.  I wish they were available in airports so you could have something healthy  on your travel days!   I think they are great for a quick nutritional juice on the go, and the perfect way to get your veggies in! So tell me, have you tried Love Suja, or maybe you have a favorite green smoothie you make at home.  I would love your recipes to try! 

Love Suja did not sponsor this post.  This is my personal experience, and opinions.  So now you know how good I think they are, get out there and try them for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. Lisa definitely trying these. I have the dreaded 15 lbs that I cannot get off!!! No mater what. So thank you for the introduction!

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