Santa's Belt

December 06, 2013

A quick and easy DIY for the holidays.  I made a few of these Santa's belts for my tree this year and they are pretty darn cute. I purchased large red balls from Hobby Lobby, along with some sheer black ribbon and a couple of packages of buckles.  Finding buckles in the right size and gold tone was not easy.  I ended up purchasing a package of silver and painting the square ones gold.  Worked perfectly!  I found this glittery ribbon at a local scrapbook store and decided to layer the ribbons for a more festive, chic Santa! 

Paint the buckles gold if you had trouble finding them in gold and let them dry completely. Measure around your ornament and cut the ribbon to fit with about an extra inch to give you room to work.   Thread the ribbon thru your buckle and center the buckle.  I added a drop of hot glue to the back of the buckle to keep it in place.  Once the buckle was set, I glued the ribbon to the center back of the ornament being careful not to burn myself. (not that is has ever has happened to me) ha!!  Trim the extra ribbon.

And that my friends is all there is to it!!  Hang those jolly little belly's on your tree and pour yourself a glass of festive cheer and enjoy!

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