10 Things Worth the Splurge

February 13, 2014

I have shared wardrobe building and beauty essentials with you so an investment buying post is only fitting. Big ticket splurges!  There are things that you should always buy as an investment piece and things that are okay to spend less on.  The saying goes, if you buy right, you buy once.  I buy into that and believe that investment pieces will be with you for a long time if you invest well. 

10 Things Worth the Splurge

1. A great watch:

This is something you will wear everyday so it only makes sense you want it to stand up to everyday wear.  My Michele watch was a gift from Joe on our first Christmas, 8+ years ago, and I wear it everyday.  I consider it an investment.  Buying the best watch you can afford doesn't have to break the bank.  If that means a Audemars Piguet, or a Daniel Wellington, purchase something that will last.  Remember you will look at it every day so you want it to go with several styles.

 2. Your signature scent: 

I wore the same fragrance for many years before discovering Jo Malone.  Now, Jo Malone's the only scent I wear.  I love that you can layer fragrances to change the scent.  Here's a little tip. . .if you can, always buy the larger bottle.  This way, you get three times as much perfume for only twice as much! 

3.  A beautiful handbag:
Find a handbag you love in a classic style and a versatile color. Be sure to choose a bag that will withstand style changes and trends.  You don't want your investment bag to be a trend!   I love my Louis Vuitton bags and they are such a great investment. Two of my Gucci bags I have had since high school.  Like I said, timeless and versatile. 

4.  A fantastic coat:
A classic, modern coat will stay in your wardrobe for many years if the cut, color and quality are fabulous.  You may want a wool coat that is more for winter and a great trench for the spring and fall months. Both will last you many years.  

5. Face moisturizer/Eye Cream:
As I mentioned in my beauty post, a good eye cream is important, but can be pricey.  Believe me, this is not where you want to skimp.  I love and swear by my Sub Limage

6.  A professional haircut and color:
I get a lot of comments on my hair, always positive, and I have been asked on many occasions for my hairdresser's number.  That is a great compliment, not only for me, but for her as well.  I do not take short cuts when it comes to my hair; one mistake could cost you months, if not inches, of your hair. . . not to mention the horror of the wrong color. For me, my hair is an important part of my appearance that I am willing to splurge on.

7.  A great pair of sunnies:
I have a difficult time finding a pair of sunglasses that fit my face.  So, when I find a pair, they are an investment because I know I will wear them for many years.  Always be sure they are not to trendy or flashy.  Don't skimp - get your lenses polarized! 
8.  A perfect fitting bra:
Spending a few extra dollars on a good bra will not only make you feel better, it will also make your clothes hang on you in a more flattering way.  A good fit is the foundation for all of your clothing. You only need two for a great foundation of your wardrobe I shared here with you.  A black and nude will pretty much cover all your outfit needs.  If you like the pretty colors and prints, then add those after you have the most important ones and shop when they are on sale!   Be sure to hand-wash and line-dry them to make sure they last.

If you haven't done so already, get sized. And if your weight changes, get sized again. Don't try and guess with what you think fits, you may actually be surprised. 

9. A real piece of jewelry:

This may sound frivolous, but it isn’t. Costume jewelry can be fun, but there’s nothing like a really fine piece of jewelry to make you feel beautiful, elegant and confident. Whether it’s a string of pearls or a diamond pendant, the real story of your first piece of good jewelry begins with you.

10. Yourself:

I know that sounds like a cliché but you should always Invest in the time and effort that makes a difference for you. Weather its 30 minutes in the morning to meditate or  your favorite reality show, doing for yourself really pays off if done consistently.   

With these 10 investments in place, you will always have the ability to look and feel well-dressed and finished...even if you save on the rest of your wardrobe.

If I'm wearing a pair of Gap jeans with a t-shirt, my nice watch, great sunglasses and  investment bag, allow me to look stylish and put together regardless of the situation.

What's on your list of things worth the splurge?

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  1. I am not into fashion -but, worth the splurge for me are comfortable shoes. Most of the time, this does not mean nice looking shoes. :-( Visiting from SITS.

    1. If you feet hurt then it doesn't matter how cute you are. Great choice!

  2. Just bought my first pair of "real" sunglasses - ie not the cheapies I usually buy. And YES, they are so worth it!!

  3. My last big splurge was one of the Disneyland Dooney and Burke bags- we're big fans so I know I will get years of use!

    1. A good bag is a great investment. I haven't seen the Disney Dooney. I will have to look it up! Sounds cute!

  4. Are we the same person? I think we might be. ;)
    My top 3 splurges would have to be handbags, sunglasses and jeans. If I have these, I know I will always feel and look good. I also won't skimp on my hair and have just begun getting regular mani's again...just for me.
    Love this post.

    Oh, and I am in the market for a Michelle watch! High on my list. We've been looking....just trying to decide which of the few that I like it will end up being. :o

    1. Haha... I have thought several times we are one in the same my dear!! I love my Michele and you will too! What style are you leaning towards?

  5. Your list is dead on and I really need to remember it when I shop :)


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