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July 22, 2014

Either you can wear a hat or you can't!  Which are you?  I can wear a hat and rock it pretty comfortably all day so when I picked up this hat at H&M I knew it would be versatile all summer.   I have long worn a baseball cap for the days I need a quick hair solution on the weekends for errands, and you will always find me at the pool or beach with a hat in my bag.  This is definitely more fashionable than a baseball cap don't you think?  The humidity and temperatures were high the day I wore this outfit so light colors were in order for a day of outside shopping.  I prefer to shop outside malls rather than larger enclosed malls.  I think the enclosed malls distract me from shopping and I end up frustrated.  Do you ever feel that way too?
 In case your wondering about these sunnies that are on my birthday list I posted here, these are Gayle's I borrowed for a test drive to see if I really liked them.... and I do!  If you follow me on instagram, than you know that I cut 6 inches off my hair after these pics were taken.  I was so ready for a change and could not believe it was so long.  I can't wait to share pictures with shorter hair to see what you think!

Jeans (Exact) ~ Blouse (Exact, option, option ) ~ Hat (Options here and here) ~ Sunnies (Exact, options on sale too) ~ Necklace c/o (similar, love this one too) ~ Watch (Exact, love this one) ~ Bracelet (Exact in diff color here, options here, here and here) ~ Shoes ( Almost identical options here, here, and here) ~ Clutch c/o (Exact, love these option, option, option, and this option) ~ Toes (Exact, options here and here)

Like this outfit? Then Shop this post and more below! 

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  1. This hat is on my list of things to pick up! I've always been a fedora gal, but I want to start branching out and I love this style. You look great :)

    26 and Not Counting

    1. Thanks dear. You should definitely get one. I am having so much fun with mine. xo


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