March 04, 2015

I have watched the Real Housewives of BH's from the beginning.  Last night the RHBH was on and let me just tell ya..... If those were my girl friends I would most definitely have to do some housekeeping with a few.  My favorites for sure are the Lisa's, just a coincidence I promise.  This is Lisa Rhinna's first year on the show and several episodes back where she first called one of the other housewives as a "wackadoodle".... I knew she and I could be great friends in real life.  She is my kind of friend! It was a touchy subject on last nights episode at their dinner and it became explosive between the girls when the discussion of alcoholism was mentioned.   I know the damage alcoholism can have all to well on a person.... My ex-husband was an alcoholic and in the end it cost him his life.  Addiction is a disease that is hard to understand for someone not affected.  I truly felt that when Lisa reached out to Kim she was coming from a good place.  Moving on.....        

Speaking of friends, Erin and I met up last weekend for a collaboration that I will be sharing with you soon.  We were running out of sun light and time so we popped into the parking garage at the mall and snapped a few outfit pics.  The snow was beginning to melt creating the perfect afternoon for running around in my Hunter boots.  

Polka dot sweater ~ Gingham top (75% off) ~ Jeans (40% off)  ~ Hunters ~ Bracelets c/o

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  1. Super stylish outfit on you! Love the bracelets! I like the 'Lisas' too. It's the train wreck that is hard to look away from, right?
    Cheers, Heather


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