Things I learned being a Mom of all Boys

June 19, 2015

I have several friends that are Moms to all boys!  Boy oh boy, I can relate to these Moms!  In addition to being a Mom of three boys, I also have three grandsons.  So, I have a pretty good understanding of how life happens with all boys!   I decided to share some things I learned from my experiences.  It's easier to recognize these things now that they have all grown up!  I admit, I am a much calmer, relaxed, and laid back Mimi then I was a mom!  I guess there is something to be said for "you always get to send them home" !

Expect things to be broken.  I remember once having a vase on top of the piano with a floral arrangement in it.  The boys had, at some point, broken the vase but decided to carefully place the three broken sides back together so it appeared to be unbroken.  I was doing my normal straightening and cleaning and when I went to move the vase it neatly and ever so perfectly came apart into three sections.  Of course.... no one knew how it happened!

Plan on the unexpected.  You know the hobby rockets you can find at a craft or hobby store, my boys were fascinated with them.  My brother always enjoyed taking all the nephews out to a field close to my parents home.  Well, boys will be boys and mine sure were curious little guys.  I was in the kitchen when I heard this blood curdling scream and I took off towards their bedrooms.  As a mom, you know the difference between a "I'm hurt" scream, and a "you're not playing fair" scream.  As I rounded the corner, the hall was full of smoke..... now pure panic set in for me!  Screaming still taking place, and my other two boys now in curious mode as well, I quickly surmise the situation and  determine their is no need to vacate the house.  Still not sure as to what just happened, I calm down the screaming child as he professes that he too has no idea what happened!  "So all of the sudden your room fills up with smoke, you begin jumping around, and you don't have any idea how?" Hmmm.... I begin to smell something fishy here!  Clue one) As I look around his room I see these black marks all over the walls, corners, and ceiling. Clue two) Laying on the floor on the far side of the bed is a rocket.  Clue three) When I first came down the hall and found him, he was across the hall in his brothers room standing on the head of his bed against the wall!  Now I have an idea what happened, just not how. It took me a while to figure out all the details but to sum it up, he thought he would try and launch the rocket by sticking each of the igniter wires in the outlet.   I won't mention which of my sons did this stunt but I will tell you his nickname for a while was Rocket Man! 

Clean is a state of mind.  No matter how much you clean and how often they bathe they will be dirt magnets.  Don't fight it... you won't win. Be prepared for bugs too!  Put them in play clothes when you are home or on an adventure and save the picture perfect clothes for just that - pictures!  

No child ever suffered by replacing a holiday meal with cookies and candy. I used to fret about them not eating a healthy meal prior to all the holiday treats and candy.  I finally realized that if they miss a healthy meal and 4 or 5 days out of the year they eat dessert first, it won't harm a thing.

You will make several trips to the ER.  Just that.  There will be dislocated parts, and cuts that require stitches. . .maybe even a few casts.  But if you escape boyhood with only these minor occasions, count yourself lucky! 

There will be love.  One thing is for sure, a brother's bond is a fabulous thing to watch grow.  I wish I could turn back time, if just for a day, to snuggle with these guys!

And if you're lucky.... one day those sweet little boys with dirty hands will grow up to be the best Daddy's to their own little boys.

And even grow to be taller than you too!

It's becoming increasingly harder to get all three of them together to take updated pics, but one thing is for sure..... I wouldn't trade being a mom to all boys for anything!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend enjoying Father's Day.

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