Pink Tee Dress

July 07, 2015

Hi friends.  It has been a bit crazy around here lately.  If you saw me in person or spoke with me over the past three weeks then you  know I have been sick... once... again.  My voice was deep, raspy, and for a few days there was no voice at all.  I pushed thru and as of today can say my voice is finally 99% normal.  If it hasn't been my voice its been storms.  We had a scare last night with sirens going off and warnings beeping on my phone to take cover for a tornado warning.  I have lived my whole life in tornado alley and you would think it would get easier with the sirens... but I am a nervous cat in storms!  

So remember when I posted my favorite roundup of pink bags here?  This Marie Turnor was my favorite and now it's mine!  I don't think there is a single outfit I won't try to carry this bag with.  I love how soft and supple it is; and you can bet its going to California with me next week.  I have most everything ready to be packed and cannot wait to dig my toes into the sand and smell the ocean!  Make sure you follow me on instagram to see my trip as it unfolds.  






Pink Dress  Jean Jacket  Pink Clutch  Watch  Sandals  Tassel Bracelets  Leather Bracelet c/o  Lipstick

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