Pretty Sleepwear

August 10, 2015

Happy Monday!  Erin, Emily and I are excited for this week; we are launching our rebrand of the KC Blogger Meetup.  We have worked together for over 6 months on the redesign, rebranding, and making sure we have everything ready for the big launch on Thursday evening.   It is exciting to finally see it all come together!    I will be sharing the link to the new site once we go live and be sure to look for a recap of our launch party next week!   I have a busy week in front of me and wish I was still in my pj's.  If you are going to lounge in pj's....shouldn't they be this pretty?

 1  Josie tank and pants set ~  2  Spendid Stripe set ~  3  Josie Chemise ~  4  Bleeker tank set  ~  5  Flora Nikrooz Set ~   6  Honeydew Sleep is my Cardio set 

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