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July 10, 2016

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  I had a productive two days off and that makes for a great start for a full work week... at least I hope so!!  One thing is for sure, the humidity is in full force and if you don't have thick hair then you would notice as much as me.  I have thick... I mean thick hair.  I'm not really complaining; some woman would love to have hair as thick as mine.  It is a blessing, but a problem at times too.  My hair is naturally full of body with a lot of wave and curl.  I straighten the heck out of my hair most days or else I add an actual curl to it to tame the size!  Doesn't that sound funny to say?  Cutting my hair would only make it curlier too.  I will live with the humidity and you will have to laugh your way through the next few outfits with hair the size of a lions mane (dramatic I know)!! 

I have had this maxi for a few years and even summer I love it just as much as the summer before.  I am a sucker for most tie dye as long as it doesn't resemble too much of a Grateful Dead or hippie look!! The neck line plunges a bit so I add a lace bra let to take up a little cleavage.  I love the criss cross back and to add a little leg I tie a knot in the hem off to one side!  Have you ever tie your maxi hem?  You should try it and see if you like it!!  

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