The perfect Cashmere Sweater

November 30, 2016

When you think of layers you generally tend to think of a cute tank and cardigan, or maybe a button down and jacket with a cute scarf.  I have a great outfit with layers and pattern mixing I am sharing later this week so watch for it.  My outfit today is the perfect layering without the bulk.  Asneh Cashmere sent me this gorgeous vest.  It is so very soft and the diamond pattern is simply stunning in detail.  When I first opening the box my mind raced with so many ways to use this versatile wardrobe item.  We generally tend to think of a sweater vest as over a blouse, or top.  I decided to style it the first time as my only under layer.  Such a cute look don't you think?  I love how it is season appropriate but allows for the weather to warm up a bit in the afternoons and you don't overheat under to many bulky layers. I shared my other Asneh Cashmere and their Pussy Bow sweater outfit here.
 I have received tons of questions and comments on my key necklace.  On my last trip to Florida, Gayle and I decided to try our hand at knotting beads.  We have made tons of bead bracelets in a wide range of colors, but this was a project I had been planning for some time.  I knew it was something I want to try and when my parents were in Europe this past summer I asked my Mom to pick up some antique keys from the wonderful flea markets they visit.  This is just one of the dozen keys she brought me back.  I love how it turned out.  I plan on making a few more necklaces and adding a different style of key to some and even a larger gemstone to hang freely.  I am currently on the hunt for some very pretty, quality Aquamarine for my next knotted necklace.  One thing I can tell you, the price you see for these type of knotted beaded necklace are well worth it after hand knotting all of these.  I do love a good challenge though!!  Have you ever tried beading, or even hand knotting beads?  Would you take on a project like this?  I would love to know who else out there is crafty!
 One of my favorite places to purchase my necklaces is from Warrior Soul Co.  She has a darling Etsy shop and I have even met her; she is local to the Palm Beach area.  I picked up this Beaded Tridacna necklace from her on my last trip.  She also will custom make a necklace in your choice of beads if she doesn't have it made. 

Asneh sweater vest c/o  //  Pink Moto Jacket (Similar)  //  Jeans  //  Leopard heels  //  JORD Watch c/o  //  Lipstick  //  Blair Ritchey Bag  //  Bracelets //  Bead Necklace  similar  //

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