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January 28, 2014

The big birthday is this year...50! 

 I know, I know...it's just a number and I really am not that freaked out about it.  By far the hardest birthday for me was my 30th - complete and total freak out on that one.  I hated the idea of no longer being in my 20's; not being able to say "I'm in my 20's" was devastating at the time. My 40th, however, was a wonderful surprise party!  For my 50th. . . I may just be on vacation for it!!

Over the years, my style has changed tremendously and I certainly feel more confident than I did in my 30's. I have the daily struggle of balancing my life, working full time in the corporate world, and staying trendy.  What I love most about fashion is how throwing on a beautiful scarf, adding a pop of color with a handbag, or even something as simple as a leopard loafer can really make a difference in your day.  Boy, do I love making a statement with those differences!
 Scarf    Bag    Loafer  

I am always drawn to women who exude confidence and, like me, have life experiences which is why I love visiting blogs; seeing how others have styled themselves is experience at its finest!  I wish the creative resources of blogging, Pinterest and Instagram had been around when I was in my 30's.  I have no doubt that I would have been a 30 year old fashion blogger!  My first jobs in high school and college were in the clothing industry and my love of fashion is just as strong today.  The one thing that has changed, however, is I have a more sophisticated eye and, I think, a more refined taste.  I know what I like, what works and what simply is not for me.

Other things I have learned...
  • When you're younger, you think that when you get to 40 you'll be an old lady.  Ha, I know I did!  When you actually get to 40 you realize you still feel 20 years young. You have grown and you have learned to appreciate yourself and you've accepted your body and all of its many changes.
  • As my body began to change in my 40's, I had to reassess the way I was dressing. It was no longer as easy to wear the low rise jeans and the stiletto heels...but a mid rise and a great platform or wedge shoe can give a short girl like me the height I need.  
  • Now, you find that the current trends are ones you were on the first ride with.  I clearly remember high waisted jeans, bell bottoms (wide legs as they call them now) and tartan plaid. Knowing in advance whether it worked the first go around helps me to know if it's something I would be willing to try again.   For one thing, plaid is out for me - sorry, parochial schools ruined that for this girl!

  • I will admit, dressing myself in my late forties has been more of a challenge.  A phrase I use religiously is "age appropriate" and dressing that way can be challenging in a fashion world designed for either the young or the old.  What about us inbetweeners!!??  It seems the majority of my wardrobe is Ann Taylor.  I think Ann Taylor is great but I would love to have more options; I'm just not ready for Chico's or Talbots.    Suggestions are welcome!!
  • Life experiences and your steady view of the world - what a big plus!  You have confidence, your opinions are solid, and you showcase yourself with grace. Speaking of grace, you allow more grace to others and this, my friend, is a beautiful thing.  Realizing this, my life has become simpler and I find myself surrounded by a sense of calm that comforts me.

So, with all this being said, 50 will be great and this is my year!  My mantra for the year is #getitgirl and I intend to do just that!  I have a vision, dreams and a plan to make it happen.  My list of 50 by fifty is the perfect way to keep me on track and live life to the fullest!  I would love to see some of you make a list of your top goals to accomplish this year.  Maybe yours is 40 by forty, or 28 by twenty eight.  Whatever your numbers, let's make it happen!  Step one - write it down, acknowledge and affirm it!  Then share your list with me. . .I would love to see them!

Here is my list, in no particular order, 50 by Fifty!

1.   Attend  "Blog Shop" preferably in person Woohoo.... the best class ever!
2.   Visit Gayle, my bff She spent the long 4th weekend here during my staycation!
3.   Shop in the West Bottoms on First Fridays
4.   Finally have my Grandmothers barrel chair reupholstered
5.   Go on vacation in Naples  I sent Joe for three weeks and took a staycation... does that count? I think so!
6.   Complete the redesign and branding of my blog
7.   Completely redecorate my Master bedroom (Picking paint now) Almost finished
8.   Do something just for me...every week  Loving this one and so doing it every week!
9.   Lose 20 lbs.... 14 down, 6 to go.
10. Take a photography class
11. Girls road trip weekend
12. Invest in another designer bag
13. Clean out my closet (for real, deep clean what is never ever going to be worn again)
14. Take all the grand kids to the zoo Spent Mother's Day 2014 with them!!
15. Go to Dallas for the Weekend
16. Try Bangs... again!  Completed Feb 27 and I actually am enjoying them!
17. Take a yoga class  Woot!  The girls and I currently are in a class.
18. Make a weekly meal plan and follow it Working at it.. still needs a little work
19. Start a new linkup on my blog, Who wants to join?
20. Partner with more brands I love Working this one for sure!
21. Have a stay cation
22. Create a gallery wall (Already gathering the pieces) Completed and on the blog!
23. Take new professional blog head shots Done... but may take a few more.
24. Have my blog featured Thrilled this happened here and here .
25. Do a 5k
26. Visit a local winery
27. Create a will
28. Bake a carrot cake from scratch (my sis in laws mother's recipe I shared here) DONE!
29. Shop at the new Ikea... Opening in KC this fall
30. Try a new candle fragrance
31. Answer all emails timely  This is going well!
32. Transition from Vegetarian to Paleo..... this is a little scary Decided against this...
33. Pay for the persons coffee in line behind me
34. Write more handwritten notes and snail mail send them 
35. Try 3 new to me restaurants  One down , two down, there down!!
36. Try something new on the menu at my favorites places to eat (I'm a creature of habit) This was easier than I imagined!
37. Share words of affirmation with my kids every week for encouragement  Accomplishing this and starting to see the results of positive actions from them.
38. Attend Go Blog Social again (Here in KC this April) Missed it!  But not next year.
39. Bake gluten free treats
40. Host a party at my house
41. Attend my nieces wedding in Minneapolis... Tickets purchased!
42. Plant a vegetable garden
43. Take updated family photos with all my boys
44. Take my daughter in laws shopping at Nell Hills (The best shopping ever)
45. Surprise my mom with a visit
46. Eat the brown M&M's last (inside joke for those that know me) Gab forced me... but I did it.
47. Go to a concert  Amos Lee at the Uptown March 4th
48. See a Dermatologist Completed and so glad I went. 
49. Give up something other than cookies for lent. Completed!
50. Celebrate my birthday in style... it was grand!

I will update my list as the year goes by and share how it's going!  Don't forget to share your list with me!

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  1. Love your list! I am in my early 40's & definitely do not feel "old"! My students (I teach 1st grade) think I'm in my 20's or early 30's. They say that 40 something is just so old, she can't be that age! I giggle remembering the day when I thought the same. Never felt better!

    1. I remember giggling when I would see someone in their 40's and think it was so old, and now I don't even see the similarity to them!! Life really was grand once I turned 40!

  2. Eeeeeek! LOVED your list. A few of these are on my never-ending list including seeing a derm {highly, HIGHLY recommend} and taking a photography course...need to get on that.
    30 was by far the hardest for me so far. 40 happened and i had a new baby to concentrate on otherwise, I'm sure I would have struggled there too.
    I feel 27!!! lol. xo

    1. Ohhhhh I am so glad you loved it! You should make a list too. It was pretty fun. I feel about 33 too!


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