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January 06, 2014

Happy new year!  I have been taking a little break from blogging.  Honestly? Because it was pretty darn difficult getting to my office due to the fact there were 11 people in my home for the holidays. Yup, 11.  

Three grandsons, three sons, two DIL's and a friend.    My home was full of laughter, games, big meals, wine, tons of toys, a few battles, (mostly between the two littlest grandsons)  but we survived, and I am slowly getting back to a routine.  I haven't worked a full week of work in almost a month, so this week may seem like eternity to me!!!  

2013 was by far a terribly trying year for me.  I wanted it to end.  End, go away, and never to repeat itself.  There was the cancer diagnosis for my Mother, the ever trying antics of my youngest, (who by the way, will be 18 in two months, he reminds me daily).  There was worrying for my 21 year old and his family struggling to get on their feet and learn a few life lessons along the way, and they lived with me for the last three months!  ugh! I don't want to dwell on the year, but learn lessons from it, and move positively forward.


2014 will be my year.  I know it!  How? Because I have a plan.  My year to travel more, be more present, and getting back to being more spontaneous.  I will put more faith into what god puts in front of me, and know there is a plan he has for me too.  My blog anniversary was January 1st.  2 years! 2 wonderful and so rewarding years.  I have learned so much on this journey, and I am ever so grateful for everyone that has been on this journey with me.  I have made wonderful friendships with fabulous ladies around the country that I could never have imagined with this blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You really do mean a lot to me, and I love not only what I share with you, but what you share with me.  I never imagined I would share my outfits with you, but with a little help from a few local blogger friends I did, and you all loved it.  It's not hard to look fabulous in a $500 dress with $900 shoes and a $2000+ handbag, but thats not reality.  At least not my reality!!!  It does however take some stylish thinking, and a few mixing and matching to pull together an outfit to fit your work environment and age. Thats what I hope to bring you more of this year.

That has been one of the challenges I have come across recently, dressing age appropriate but still very trendy and stylish. I'm not willing to shop Chico's,  and Forever 21  has never been on my list. That is my real life.  

I hope you know that this blog is a very edited, a tiny sliver of my life.  Not all my friends even know I have a blog. 

I hope you know that most blogs are heavily edited.

I hope you know that a portion of the hard, painful moments in my life involve people that I love. I don't share those things here because I want to protect them, not because my life doesn't have those moments. 

I think its very misleading when bloggers post perfect pictures of their apartments, or life, and expect others to relate to them.  Real life means real pictures.  I am not the best at dressing my coffee table or prepping a photo shoot, I want to be realistic to my life.  I don't shop for flowers every week, rather monthly I like a fresh bouquet for the house.  And it would be totally a style shoot to dress my coffee table.  I live with all boys remember? 

Sometimes I don't get dressed until 2pm on the weekends.

I hope you know that blogging about your life takes more than it appears to take. All those good, wonderful moments that are fun to capture and share, well those take time and forethought and editing.  I rarely instagram in the moment. Truth? Because I would  need to get readers out just to see what I was typing and sending.  

I hope you know that I am a single working mother.  I am happily single in a committed relationship. 

I hope you know that every relationship takes its fair share of work and has its fair share of arguments. I am in a passionate relationship.  Something I thought might never happen after a failed marriage, and a string of crazy, stalking, hilariously fun boyfriends, with a man I'm crazy about, who loves me more than I ever thought one person could. And we totally fight. About important things and not so important stuff too.  I once was told by a wise friend that when you loose the will to fight in a relationship, the relationship isn't worth fighting for.  We fight, and I 'm OK with it!  

I hope you know that everyone who blogs is normal. And it's not all pretty pictures and roses, and what little consequence clothes actually are in the meaning of life.

I hope you don't compare real life to an edited one.  

I hope you know how much I appreciate you. 

I want to celebrate with you and have collaborated with some of my favorite people and companies to bring you some amazing giveaways in the coming months!  I have some changes to the blog coming soon too, a few design changes, and a new series.  So get excited, I am!! 

Lets do this 2014!!

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  1. Love this post. Upbeat, positive and real. This is definitely going to be your year! Mine too. :)


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