Blues for Spring

April 17, 2014

Its time for the winter blues to disappear once and for all.  This past weekend the farmers market opened for the season and I was ready for it!  We headed out for a quick breakfast then off to the market with my tote in hand. We had never been to the farmers market on opening day and my expectations were a bit different that reality.  I expected to stroll thru making tough choices between fresh beans, or red potatoes.  Maybe pick up some berries and a cantaloupe.  Ha!  So lets just say the first day of the Farmers market is for people who are looking for starter plants to grow their own garden.  The crops have not flourished yet!  I have to admit, I did wonder what would be available as it didn't seem anything would be in season quite yet! So, we will wait a few more weeks to go back, but we plan on making it a habit for the weekends thru the season. 

With the farmers market a bust, we headed to Whole Foods and Sprouts to get fresh fruits and veges.  I picked up these gorgeous yellow tulips complimenting my outfit and added them to my tote.  Love the blue and yellow!  Gigi NY sent me this tote.  I have been eyeing it for sometime.  I cannot tell you how beautiful the blue is in person.  There was a part of me that leaned towards choosing the white or black tote... staying well in the comfort zone of course, but the blue was so fun, and is a bit out of my comfort zone.  I am so glad I did it!  Monogramming it was a no brainer for me... the gold letters on the blue make a subtle statement.  I like that.  I have to admit, when I posted last year that I wanted to add more blue to my wardrobe I honestly didn't think I would add as much, as often, and love it the way I do.  I still don't have navy shoes, or slacks and I don't have any skirts with blue, but there time for that!  Are you a blue person?  What color do you feel is your comfort color? 

Bracelet stack ~ Accessory Mercado c/o / Top ~ Soft Surroundings / Tank ~ Ann Taylor / Tote ~ Gigi NewYork c/o / Jeans ~ Karen Kane c/o / Loafers ~ Nordstrom / Bracelet ~ Loren Hope /

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