Spring Tips

April 22, 2014

Happy Earth day.  With the weather finally nice and the days growing longer, it is time for a little spring tips and tricks to help your season transition go smoothly. 

Take a few ice cube trays and fill them up with coffee.  Freeze the tray and once frozen pop them in a baggie or container to store until the next time you're craving an iced latte!  When the cubes melt they won't dilute your drink. They were melting pretty darn quick on my marble. 

Do the same with ice tea, and for you water drinkers... add a few berries to your trays with water and freeze.  Toss the colorful slightly fruity cubes in your glass and enjoy!

Rainy season is here and that means shooting pictures in between rain drops.  Protect your camera and place a plastic shopping bag  around the camera with an opening for the lens and hold it in place with a rubber band to keep your camera dry and protected! It looks a bit crazy I know but I wouldn't want my camera to get wet! 

Turn the hangers in your closet backwards.  Every time you wear something hang it up the correct direction.  When the season is over and time to transition to fall again you will be able to see what you didn't wear because the hangers will be backwards still.  Time to clean out the closet with everything hanging backwards still!  Hey... how did that crazy orange hanger get in there? 

So now it's your turn… share a few tricks that help you transition into spring! What do you do to transition into spring? 

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