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May 21, 2014

If you're like me... you rely on your phone for a lot.  Most of us would feel helpless without are phone at our fingertips.  With so many apps it's confusing as to what you want... verses what you would actually use.  Here are a few of my favorite apps I use frequently.


Picframe ~ Perfect for making a collage of your favorite photos with tons of layouts to choose from.  

Over ~ This is a great app for adding text to your photo.  You can also buy add ons to this app and get a wider selection of fonts.

Snapseed ~ This app is great for color correction, adding brightness, and warmth and contrast.  It's like a teeny tiny mini version of photo shop on your phone.... tiny I said!!

Squaready ~ Ever take a pic of something fabulous only to find it is too large of an image for instagram to show the entire picture?  Well this my friends is the app for you.  It takes any photo and proportions it down to size for the entire image to display in instagram.  Love this!!

Starbucks ~ This is for all you coffee lovers.  Having this app on your phone eliminated the need to carry your Starbucks card.  Just show your phone to the clerk and they scan your bar code.  It keeps track of your stars, your balance, and you can even reload your card from the app!  Who goes for coffee and doesn't have their phone with them anyway???

Shazam ~ I have to give my son credit for this app.  I was always asking him "who sings this song?"  in the car and he would get so tired of me always asking for him to remember what I liked.  This app listens to a clip of the song and searches for the artist and name of the song.  Then, when you have time you download the songs you liked from the iTunes store!

What are some of your favorite go to apps?  

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