Monogram Love with GIGI New York

May 22, 2014

I remember growing up during the original preppy era.  We popped out collars, layered our Polo's, and pastels were the rage. I owned a pair of pink Sperry's that I wore until they were coral, and  having your initials on your cuff, collar, or bag was a must as well.  

Trends come back around and this trend I am particularly fond of.  I have monogram plates, necklaces, pillows, trays... you name it I probably have it monogrammed.  When I first fell in love with GIGI New York and Graphic image their parent company, I knew the monogramming feature was a plus.   My Graphic Image datebook, journal and now my tote all have my initials on them.  It is a feature that takes an ordinary item... although I would hardly say GIGI New York or Graphic Image is ordinary... and turns it into the perfect accessory. And for me if I ever do take a few sacred vows with my guy, my initials stay the same... Bonus!!!   Do you love monogramming as much as I do? 




Made in the USA, Gigi NY and Graphic Image are all about a good monogram.   Don't you agree?  

Even better, GIGI New york is offering a Trifecta this Memorial Day Weekend. 

  • Free Shipping on orders $100+
  • Free Personalization
  • Free Tassel Key Chain on orders $100+


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  1. I love Gigi NY! I might have to splurge and buy myself something this weekend- too good to pass up!


  2. I'm such a fan of planners so I will absolutely check GIGI NY asap!!!



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