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August 14, 2014


I'm finally ready to share my office space with you.  I know I have mentioned it several times and I have even shared little sneak peeks before.... but today you get the whole shebang!!!! Welcome to my office, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  I linked to all my product sources at the end of the post but If I missed something please let me know and I will try to recall the source for you. I posted here how we painted the striped wall.  I still love it as much as I did the day we did it to! 




I recently completed the gallery wall next to my desk.  I had been gathering things that I loved for some time to hang on the wall and finally earlier this summer I felt happy with how it was coming together.  I hung them with the help of my bestie over the 4th weekend.  I love how I have just the right amount of space still on the wall in the event I come across a little something to add!  This is where I spend a lot of time working when I am at home.  We just love the space and the feel in the room when we are both working.  We placed our desk back to back to open up the room and it allows us to work facing each other rather than backed up, or side by side.  You can clearly see the invisible line down the room form her side... to his side....Ha!  There is a TV mounted on the wall in the corner up behind his desk so when we are taking a break from working at our desk we can catch a little something to watch.  The only thing that is left for this room to be complete is to find the right window covering.  I am leaning towards a pair of clean sheer white panels.  What do you think? Color on the window or white? There is a large picture window to the right of this image below as well as the one you can see. 




I have collected paperweights for many years now and have them displayed in this antique curio cabinet that belonged to my grandmother.  My mom always finds uniquely detailed paperweights in Europe when she travels to add to my collection.  There is an art to blowing glass and not every paperweight is a collectable. 







Thanks for being patient with me while I worked on this room.... It has been a labor of love indeed for me! 

Prints ~ Be Present / Lips / Gold Love / Neon Heart / Leopard Heart (I Made) / Dull Your Sparkle Print / Heart Paint chip art ( I made)  /  Paper Flower ( I made)

Pillows on love seat ~ Both floral and scroll handmade by me / Mongolian hair pillow/

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  1. The space looks amazing- I wish my office looked like this. Awesome job, Lisa! :)


  2. Gorgeous space! Love the stripes and gallery wall! I love that flower on the one frame! So fun!

  3. This is just the cutest office! Love the striped walls and pops of pink!
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