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August 01, 2014

When contacted me asking If I would be interested in working with them I didn't hesitate at all.  I wear readers daily.  As a matter a fact I have them strategically placed through out my house too.  I have worm glasses or contacts since I was in middle school and didn't have a need for readers until I hit my 40's.  Somewhere around 42 I was stretching things further and further back to read.  Now, it is the first thing I reach for at my desk to start my day. has some of the cutest styles and I coordinate my glasses to compliment my outfits!  They have become a daily staple for me to work at a computer all day so they better be cute! 

You can always find a pair  on my head if I am not wearing them too!  Check out these darling glasses with the floral and the  pink leopard temples! 

So what about all the times I am not at the office?  When I get home in the evening to work at my desk at home you can bet there are plenty of readers around.

I always have several pair hanging on my glassybaby as a cute way to keep them handy on my desk.  

And for those evening I work from my laptop... yup you got it, more readers on my night stand.  This crystal jar was my grandmothers and I use it to hold my readers, hand cream and a little lip balm neatly on my night stand. I am all about keeping my glasses handy and displayed cute.  

So when I say I have glasses strategically placed all around my home... I mean it!  See?  There is even a pair by the kitchen sink.  You wouldn't believe the number of times I have tried to read some label printed so tiny an ant would have difficulty! is definitely where I will be going to add more readers when I need them!  

* sent me glasses for this post to use. All opinions are mine and I am never without a pair of readers... or two!  I would never recommend something I didn't trust or believe in and I love my readers for sure!  

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  1. I want to see more of your home office looks so cute!! And I spy a gallery wall ;)

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